new study: low dose accutane

a new study i found on .com , search ultra low dose accutane and you will find it.

bascially if you have low grade but persisent acne, acne that has continued from teenager till 25 years old and beyond but milder than it once was, you can take like one 10 mg pill a week for years, without carzy side effcts, plus some topical to exfolait , and maybe a clearlight since no side effctes and get results.

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21 thoughts on “new study: low dose accutane

  1. thanks for the info just read it at dermalgist times

    sound s like i am a perfect candidate , in the past took a full course, and acnei s milder than before, but not neccsary to take another full course.

    so i am down

  2. you can take like one 10 mg pill a week for years, without carzy side effcts, plus some topical to exfolait , and maybe a clearlight since no side effctes and get results.

    No wonder why it was in the Dermatology Times, you would be a life long customer! Seriously though, I have read other accounts of people taking two or three Accutane pills a week for prolonged periods of time that have kept them clear and without side effects. I wonder why this has not been more common instead of overloading your liver with all the Vitamin A and then suffering from the toxicity symptoms.

  3. Wow, that’s really interesting. Don’t you think the initial breakout wouldn’t be as bad too? But it would probably take a lot longer to start seeing results. For people who need a second course that would be perfect. They wouldn’t have to suffer with all those horrible side affects again. If I had to do a second course I would certainly consider this! But Im praying I wont need it! :pray

  4. I assume this would still work even if i’ve never been on accutane before (my acne isnt severe)?
    I’d really like to give this a try but is the only way to get this through a derm? I used to go to my GP but he just gave me antibiotics and wouldn’t refer me to a derm so i just stopped going and am trying to combat this on my own now…if i went back to my GP would he be able to prescribe this low dose thingy or would i still need a derm? I don’t know what the rules and regulations are as far as accutane is concerned! :scratch

  5. I would still be cautious talking a low dose of accutane. I would imagine there still is a good risk for severe side effects. It’s hard to think a drug as potentially dangerous as accutane is, would be completely safe on a long term low dose. Do you still have to get blood tests done?

  6. Tatum;you do need a derm to get accutane from.If you really wanted to try this and your doc wouldn’t refer you,you could do what i did and see a derm privately first and then mine crossed me over to the NHS to see her.You’d have to pay at first though(£60 consultation mine was),and maybe not all of them would cross you over 😕 I’m not sure 😕

  7. Oh thanks Kelly! I might have a look into private then but i’ll probably have one last try with my GP first (to save on the ££’s) grrr its so annoying coz i know what he’ll say
    “Well Tatum why dont you try these antibiotics first?” I swear i’ll knock him out if he does! :lol

  8. kelly.. how did u go about seeing a private derm about accutane?
    where did u find him?
    cos my nhs GP wont give me accutane..
    so i been thinkin bout seeing sum1 privatly also but dont know where to go and how to see sum1 privatly (for accutane)
    which doctor did u go to and where?
    im in london
    willing to travel

  9. Sorry Tatum,just me being silly then :lol You’ve got a very unusual name,i’ve never heard it before.Unusual is good :wink Do people call you Tatty?Anyway,can i? :lol

  10. :lol Yea it is quite unusual i guess, i think there was an actress called Tatum back in the day so thats probably where my mum ripped off the name!
    It means cheerful just like my angelic nature! :angel
    Most people call me Tay but by all means you can call me Tatty if you like…only coz your special! :lol

  11. Hey Tatum, the actress you refer to is Tatum O’Neal! She won a oscar for her role in the movie Paper Moon (1973) at the age of 10! Youngest ever to win Best Supporting Actress.

    p.s. I like your Kermit pic…is that his boxers showing??? lol!

  12. Natty – maybe we should hire someone to come up with a theme tune?! :scratch

    RK – hehe yea kermit is a sexy little frog…look at him teasing the ladies with those come-to-bed eyes! Miss piggy was one LUCKY lady!

  13. Tatum;cheerful nature?!With your vicious moods that you told us about?!I do not think so! :lol :lol :lol
    You could have the theme tune from The Simpson’s for The Itchy and Scratcy show.”The Natty and Tatty showwwwww!!!” :lol

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