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I just wondered if you went in a initial dosage to reduce the initial breakout,how long were you on the initial dosage for out of your full course???For my first course we were planning on me being on low dosage for the whole thing,for 8 months,but after being on 30mg for 2 months it stopped working and so later on in the course i had my dosage upped.So,i don’t really know on a normal course how long you should be on the lower initial dosage for.
I’m about 55kg so i was thinking maybe 30mg for 4 weeks and then full dosage for the rest.Or maybe the initial for 2 weeks???
I think that with the lower dosages there is more chance or the acne returning but with the higher dosages there is more chance of it working once and for all.
And like in the other thread i started,if there is more chance of it working once and for all with a second course then hopefully this course will be what i need.

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4 thoughts on “Initial dosage

  1. I don’t think you care about my advice, but just do what is mostly done

    30 mg the first month, then 60 mg full dose.

    As for the acne returning back if it returned back it means that you’re not receptive to the tane (which in 90% of the case has nothing to do with the dosage) and you’ll probably won’t get cleared either this time.

    For what it’s worth you really should give spironolactone a shot, you have and androgenic bodeey type and spiro do clear 33% of women while the other see a visible improvement in their acne. you’ll also notice less body hair…..

    Anyway good luck with any decision you make.


  2. hi,
    for my second course my derm said it was important to knock it out for good, and to up the dosage pretty quickly. I started on 20mg for one week, then 40mg for one week then 60 mg for 4 1/2 months.


  3. mod;i am interested in your advice,it’s just i have to do what i have to do.Please don’t say that you don’t think it’ll work for me this time either 🙁 I want to try to be positive.I did think about the spiro but i mentioned it to my derm and she said that it’s not that good for acne,it’s more for body hair.She said it’s not as good as dianette and that doesn’t work for me anymore.At least i know it’s always there if i do need to try it though.
    I don’t discount anyone’s advice,i hope you haven’t got any bad feeling towards me 🙁
    Jake;that is interesting.I could go on say 30mg for 2 weeks and then 60mg for 4 1/2 months.I’ll mention that and the 30mg 4 weeks,60mg 4 months.My derm said maybe 50mg 5 months but i’m about 55kg so if i say a lower dosage for the first month time;that should be alright.

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