So I’ve been clear for 8 months or so …

Hi guys,

As you all probably know, I’ve been pretty much 100% clear for 8 months now. I did this through a complete diet change and by taking supplements and of course the secret ingredient that is pleanty of lemon water. I did always get breakouts if I lapsed the diet, usually 4 days after doing so. If you wan’t to read more, I’ve got my regimine up on ‘User Regimines.’

Annnnyyywwwwho. For the past 3 weeks, I’ve let up on my diet quite heavily. I have stuck clear of wheat, and I still drink a lot of lemon water, but other than that, I’ve pigged out like a “normal” person does. Ice-cream, sweets (candy), saturated fatty foods, beer, chocolate, etc. I’ve not been moisturising at all (well, say 3 times in as many weeks?) and many nights I have just gone straight to sleep without washing my face whatsoever.

The lazyness began properly at a music festival, where I lived in a field for 5 days with no showers, no healthy food, and a beer replacing every pint of water I usually drink. My skin actually got BETTER there – but it didn’t surprise me because the same happened last year. I guess it must be something to do with the adrenaline rush there and the feeling really happy 24 hours a day whilst you’re there (it’s quite an experience!). The thing is, last year, my skin got right back to its old self within 2 days of returning home. No sign of that this year.

I’m not quite 17.5 years old yet, so I doubt I am “outgrowing” it just yet. Or is that a possibility?

Either way, I have to admit, it’s great. But I’m wondering why the <censored> have I not broken out yet? Do you think it’s just building up inside waiting to lash out good and proper? It’s very strange that I haven’t had a breakout; I usually do. It’s not like I have changed anything in my lifestyle since I’ve been home, other than my diet worsening!



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  2. I’m assuming you went to either Leeds or Reading….

    Did you not even wash your face? Aren’t there public toilets to do that or what?

    Anyhow. i reckon your body has detoxed with all your dieting and hard-work. You said it took time to get clear skin through this method. I reckon it could take three weeks before you notice a brakout then maybe?

    it’s hard to say though. I only say that because it’s like a vice-versa factor. I hope your acne is in the past mate. But i wouldn’t go crazy, I’d stick to your diet. if you do notice a pretty bad breakout, you can assume it was due to you partying…. If no breakout occurs that means you can let yourself go now and then without bad consiquences.


    DON’T YOU GET OILY SKIN? I mean five days without showering would feel so grimey… for me at least…

    take it easy

  3. I’m assuming you went to either Leeds or Reading….

    Reading. 8)

    Did you not even wash your face? Aren’t there public toilets to do that or what?

    Nope and nope!

    DON’T YOU GET OILY SKIN? I mean five days without showering would feel so grimey… for me at least…

    Nah, I used to, but since I’ve been clear, no oil at all really.

  4. Hey Tom! That’s great news about your skin, and you’re only seventeen. It’s appears that the members of this forum are doing more to understand acne than doctors and researchers.
    How difficult was it to maintain your diet? Were you tempted by toxic foods when you were out with friends? Did you always have a care package of healthy food when you were away from home? Just curious. Thanks.

  5. Tom I think you might be outgrowing it hun so be happy for that!! My brother had bad acne but lucky him he outgrow it at your age!! 17 is still age for outgrowing….24+ then that means you wont outgrow it 🙁 To some people it just take a few months to be clear for the skin to stabilize. One of the theories why accutane work for many. Perhaps thats what you needed and you did it in good age timing. Its interesting what you said about the festival and the rush of adrenaline. Kind of prove us how mind and skin are also connected.

  6. Tom:

    Ya reading was supposed to be better…

    Where did you use the toilet? Did they just have those portable ones??

    Reading ruled mate, went last year too and will forever and ever until I die. Metallica were excellent.

    Anywho, to the question. They had portaloos … but they’re vile. No one (male) uses them, and I feel so sorry for the girls who had to use them. They’re awful!

  7. How difficult was it to maintain your diet? Were you tempted by toxic foods when you were out with friends? Did you always have a care package of healthy food when you were away from home? Just curious. Thanks.

    Hmm, it wasn’t too difficult to maintain because I did allow myself SMALL treats. The secret is moderation. If I wanted some chocolate, I would buy a bar, eat a quarter of it and give the rest to someone else.

    When I was out with friends, I usually managed to stick to the rules. One time for example they went for a pizza so me and a friend went for fish n chips (OK so if I’m gonna eat junkfood, I’m gonna eat junkfood without/with very little wheat content (wheat is the killer for me)). When I was away from home, I usually took my own food with me – assuming I’m staying with friends or family or whatever. Most restaurants cater from wheat/gluten free diets, so that’s not a problem either. Sticking to it is not really that much of a task. This is all in England by the way, I have no idea what it’s like overseas!

  8. Tom,
    Good for you!
    Don’t stress too much about why the breakout isn’t occurring….just remain happy that it isn’t happening!!
    Keep positive.
    Maybe now is the time for a little experiment to see what you can/can’t get away with now? As Jamie? said, perhaps your skin just needed a period of rebalancing to sort itself out.
    “Ours is not to wonder why…..”
    I hope it keeps up Sweetie.

  9. Wow;i hope you’ve grown out of it,Tom 🙂 That would be great for you,wouldn’t it?
    So,if you can still grow out of it before 24 at least i’ve still got time…

  10. That is rather interesting Tom.
    I’ve had a similar experience with B5 which I used for a while and then let up and nothing happened. I did alter my diet as well and have gotten good results for the past 2 weeks. I guess your body must have built up some tolerance.
    I’m curious was it wheat that broke you out in the first place?

  11. Tom,
    That’s Great about your skin and if you aren’t outgrowing acne, then it further proves my point that you do not have to eliminate all food culprits. Heck, I’ve linked so many things to insulin resistance and I’ve always admitted that I don’t follow an elimination diet to that extent. While it’s capable of following, it’s not really very affordable, nor is it neccessary for some/most of us.

    I will say that I do still wash my fact 2x a day, unless I’m verry verry tired. 😉 While my sweet tooth has pretty much been inhibited by my diet, I can or do consume ice cream, candy (more so chocolate), potato chips, popcorn, etc almost daily. I definately get transfatty acids from the popcorn and possibly cotton seed oil from the French Fries and Potato chips, but still No problems breaking out (any further). I still have 1% acne left and it could be caused by a variety of things (the above or because I still have grains in my diet). Like I know that when I eat (refined) GF Cereal with Organic Milk, I breakout in my ear lobes (can’t see them though). So I usually only eat a box of cereal every 2 or 3 months. Otherwise, I’m quite happy at this point on my Gluten Free Diet and will eventually figure out what that last 1% is.

    Best of wishes =)

  12. Hey guys. Thanks for your replies, interesting to hear some theories! Since I posted I have had around 4 whiteheads in that space of time. Still, a verrrry small amount of acne with all things considered.

    Christian – through “testing” foods, I’ve found wheat to be my #1 enemy. One slice of toast will result in 4-6 new whiteheads say 3 or 4 days later. 😮

  13. How much lemon juice do you think you drink a day Tom?

    4-8 pints of lemon water a day, depending simply on whether I have easy access to it.

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