3rd week of retin a micro

ok so this is supposed to be the bad part right? cause it sure is for me. when does it start to improve?? after the 4th week?

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4 thoughts on “3rd week of retin a micro

  1. Im in my 9th week and it still isnt improving for me.I told myself if its not better by the 12th week,then Im off of it.

  2. brett, what kind of acne did u have? and where on your face? at 9 weeks is your face still peeling a lot?

  3. I used it and my face never got better, just bright red till i decided to quit. I got a lot of bad breakouts with it too.

  4. I’ve been using it for a little while now only at night and on problem spots only during the day. I can tell when my face is getting over sensitive and I skip that night which I think helps. I haven’t noticed any worse breakouts (knock on wood). I actually think it’s getting a tiny bit better (maybe that’s wishful thinking, so what!). I am also using a skin lightening lotion which my derm prescribed, some stuff called Klaron lotion and I’m taking Adoxa. I’m not totally sure if all this stuff works, but my face seems less red a tiny bit better (maybe! crossing my fingers it’s not going to get worse!)
    I started all this a little over a week ago so I guess I could still have an initial breakout, though I’m hoping I’m an exception.
    I almost forgot to mention, I am also taking some pills for a liver detox. They give me alot of gas (sorry to be so frank) and they’ve even made me feel ill (fever-like) so I think they may be doing something positive to detox my liver.
    Anyway, my point is, retin A seems to be ok I think as long as you don’t over do it. I do get some peeling, but that is usually when my face is irritated and like I said before, when it gets like that I skip that night or only put it on problem areas.

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