a general digestive enzyme

OK! I still dunno which digestive enzyme to buy….so I went to www.swansonvitamins.com <<<this is where I buy my Vitamin B5 (patothenic acid) from and its GREAT! so I went back there to buy some digestive enzymes….but the ones I found doesn’t have any particular name, like, papaya enzyme, or others……the digestive enzymes in this website are just called digestive enzymes

someone please tell me what kind of digestive enzymes they take….where do you buy it from and if you know of any good company that has all the ingredients of digestive enzymes…..

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2 thoughts on “a general digestive enzyme

  1. Maya,
    I was just reading this thread, as soon as I posted my thread…lol! But I’m soo confused…as to where to buy mine from…and I think its better if I buy digestive enzymes that also has probiotics in it, to have it all together instead of buying it separately…..

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