I dont want to say this because…

The moderators think I might be advertising.

But I think this ZenMed stuff is actually clearing me up. After what you lot said I thought it was a load of crap. You told me the ingredients wouldnt do much and on paper is shouldnt work (technically).

I started to agree with what people said but thought I would give it ago anyway. Theres no harm in trying I guess. And suprisingly I think its actually working.

I have always had some tiny spots on my chest and they still remain. My face is a lot clearer, especially my forhead, and that seemed to be the most sensitive area. Around the corner of my mouth I still get one spot every other day or so. I also used to get quite a few near my temples and they seem to be calming down really well also.

This stuff is really working for me.


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6 thoughts on “I dont want to say this because…

  1. Wahoo!! Thats great news Martin. Good luck with it and hope it keeps on working for ya 😀

  2. Im glad to hear Martin the ZenMed is working for ya! 😀 Your post does seem honest so be not afraid to tell about it. If somethings works for you, your duty is to say it here! Keep us posted how it keeps going 🙂

  3. Nothing wrong with posting what works for you here 🙂 Just everyone needs to remember that this is what works for HIM. This ZenMed stuff works on the cause of his acne, which is most likely different than the cause of mine or the cause of yours. (we all have multipule causes, but some are more dominate than others)

  4. Thank you all for your kind posts.

    Yeah, I think this stuff is more of a wash out system if you know what I mean? It also has hormone balancers in it, but I am told they are not in a high enough dose to do much good. If your acne is hormonal then Im not sure how much good this will do for you.

    Personally Im not too sure what my acne is. I think its a mixture of digestive and food problems and hormones that cause it. Its strange.

    I will keep you all updated if you want me to. I havent had any serious breakouts sinse I started this stuff and thats the main thing for me.

    Thanks again.


  5. How long have you been using the products Martin? I do hope it continues to work for you. I looked at that website in the past too and it looked interesting.

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