Question about Retin A Micro

Im in my 8th week,and my skin slways seems to be flaky from it.I use 0.1% Retin A Micro.I only use a moisturizer in the morning,but should I start using it at night too,since my skin is kind of really flaky?

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9 thoughts on “Question about Retin A Micro

  1. im also on retin a micro 1% and my skin was also a little flaky…what i did was use a mild scrub wash from st ives sensitive skin twice a week and after a litlle bit of cetaphil moisterizer and now its much better!!

  2. marian–did retin a micro work for you? i’m in i think my 2nd week now and am having mixed results. what are yours??

  3. lastresort hello..

    im going on two months now on retina micro 1% and the first three weeks of the treatment were quite uncomfortable and stressfull to be honest with you i hated the way my skin felt for those three weeks!! it was veeeeryyy sensitive to everything i use to wash mu skin..the only thing that didnt bother me sooo much was beleave it or not whe i washed my face with brand suave body wash…anything else i used really felt like a burning sensation in my face…i also broke out horribly with big cysts :crazyeyes
    now im much better and i was clear until i started taking b5 two week ago..and just four days ago had two or three pimples that have come out 😮 but this morning they look pretty much like they are going away 😀 cause i have been putting 100% pure aloe vera right on them and the redness and swelling have gone away 😀 anyways but in regards of me using retin a micro..i really like it and i wont stop using it!! if you are experiencing any of these side effects i told you then that means your skin is sensitive like mine and its pretty normal those side effedt unless they become like extremely bothersome go to the doctor….good luck!!

    the moisterizer i use and just alittle bit is cetaphil only in the very dry areas like mi chin…you can buy this anywhere and everywhere 🙂 good luck!

  4. Well is that the moisturizer I should be using with Retin A Micro?Is that what everyone is using?

  5. brett..

    you can use which ever moisterizer works best for you… im using cetaphyl..and it doesnt break me out…but i dont know if there is a specific moisterizer that peope under the retin a micro tratment should use..i guess that what maybe works for you might not work for others…

  6. hmmm… :scratch im not shure… i guess its ok as long as it says non comedogenic which wont clog your pores and cause more breakouts…
    but if it doesnt say that is non comedogenic i wouldnt use it…take care!!

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