to ice and how much

HI There,

This is almost a follow up to my last post.
Does ice help pimples when you see them forming and getting white around the tip..

If ice work, how much icing should I do and should I do it every hour or so.



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2 thoughts on “to ice and how much

  1. Ice helped me…its good for cysts. And I think icing the face like mask is definetly good. I just simply put an ice cube in a towel paper and apply to area til the ice melted down ahhh nice feeling…and it always get down inflamation…the problem was that I always picked at them so obviosly that always made things worse….but putting and ice and no picking ya thats good 😀

  2. thank you for your reply,

    I will try that. I am hoping to be healed soon. I have not broke out with any more non-inflammatory whiteheads and these last 2 are now coming out. So I will put some ice on them.

    I am on Eurythromicin right now and I think it may be doing the trick, the whiteheads that are coming out now have been there for 3 weeks now and were not really visible.

    thanks again,


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