A thread about Bush deleted???

You guys there was this thread on Absolute Acne, it said “Bush is a cowboy” . . . did anyone else see this thread?

All I responded was vote democrat 2004, and the thread has disappeared????
I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

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5 thoughts on “A thread about Bush deleted???

  1. I haven’t seeing any sorry. Sure it was on absolute? There is one here where you say so not deleted.

  2. Chillout guest . . . everyone has a right to their political opinion.

    It would be interesting to know if you are just mouthing off or if your opinion has any educated backing????

    As long as opinions have actually been thought out then they are valuable to their owner, if not they are a hindrance.

    I don’t want to start any kind of political war . . . only exercizing my liberty.

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