Need advice on Lemon Juice

Recently I’ve had two major acne outbreaks and during those times I wasn’t drinking lemon water. So i’m hoping there might be a connection there.

So I am wondering what lemon juice to buy? I know fresh squeeze is best, but 100% natural lemon juice is pretty close. They only add lemon oil for a lemony scent and since lemon oil is found in the lemon anyways, it’s pretty close to the same.

I’m looking at two brands of lemon juice.

1. Hero Lemon Juice
2. Sicilia Lemon Juice

Hero is not from concentrate, I’m not sure out Sicilia. Does anyone have any advice on what I should get?

My other question is does it matter how much lemon juice you drink? Is more better? Or is there a point where too much has negative effects?


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3 thoughts on “Need advice on Lemon Juice

  1. Jim,
    Just within the last week, here in California where I live, we have had some hot weather. I spent some time out and about and of course sweating a lot. I probably did not drink enough water, and I did not take the time to put lemon in my water for a couple of days. Yesterday I found I had developed 3 ripe small, red bumps on my face, so I am back putting fresh lemon juice in my water again, too! The bumps are just about gone this morning but at least I got the message, from my body, that I need to stick with the detox system that includes the lemon in lots of water.

    Of the 2 bottled lemon juices you placed links to the one I know something about is Sicilia brand. I have heard about it from a poster who used to be on this board who used this brand ON his skin as well as putting it in water, and drinking it. I remember that this brand has sulfur in it as a preservative and sulfur kills bacteria. This other poster, Frank, found that his skin cleared up a lot when he put this particular juice on his skin because of the anti-bacterial properties of the sulfur.

    Jim, if you should decide to try putting some of this juice ON your skin as well as drinking BE ADVISED that it may bleach out your skin where you apply it to your skin OR the citric acid in the lemon could cause your face to turn red because of a PHOTO SENSITIVITY reaction. I remember something about lemon having bleaching properties when it is left in the hair . You need the ACTION OF THE SUN and the lemon to meet together, to get the bleaching effect on the hair.

    Also, it is possible that the citric acid in the lemon juice could make your skin burn if you stay in the sun too long.

    Here’s the disclaimer for anyone who might think of doing this: If you use Retin-A or are on Accutane you should NOT GO IN THE SUN AT ALL without a sun-block so it follows putting lemon ON THE SKIN is something I would NOT advise you to do. For people who are NOT on Accutane or Reton-A or any of the synthetics, if you should put lemon directly ON your skin it could cause you to burn easy and turn red IF you get any sunlight on your skin.

  2. Solomio has a point. I’ve read that no-one should go out into the sun after they’ve applied lemon juice on their skin, because lemon is photo-sensitive.

    jim1, the cheapest and by far the best is the actual fruit of the lemon. Everyday for at least 2 weeks, squeeze half a lemon in 2 litres of bottled water. Voila!

    Cut the pizza out too! Junk food, white dough and dairy don’t mix!!!

  3. Camille,
    Yes, Thank you, I believe it would be best to NOT put lemon juice directly ON the skin because the chance of PHOTO SENSITIVITY is very possible from lemon or lime or grapefruit or even tomato applied directly ON the skin.

    This problem of PHOTO SENSITIVITY would also apply to any fragrance sprays that are called ‘citrus’ scented sprays if the citrus is the real thing. Well, you already know I am NOT very fond of any scents in anything because of the acne causing possabilities that can be encountered with any perfumes and/or scents of any kind that touch or/are applied to the skin.

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