Need advice for a glycolic cleanser brand

I’m running out of the glycolic cleanser I have, its made by Bion research. So I am looking for a new brand. Anyone have any suggestions? Also are glycolic cleansers the best for severe cystic acne?


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5 thoughts on “Need advice for a glycolic cleanser brand

  1. Jim,
    I still like Tangerine Dream by Rachel Perry.
    Try it you’ll probably like it.


  2. Jim,
    Since you have cystic acne why aren’t you using a face wash with something to kill off the bacteria on your skin?

  3. I have that rachel perry product, but I havent used it. I started using the glycolic cleanser after a spa/facial guy told me to use it for cystic acne. What’s a good bacteria killing product for cystic acne? Glycolic acid doesnt kill bacteria?

  4. Jim,
    Glycolic acid removes dead tissue that is on the surface of the skin. It does not kill bacteria but it will wash bacteria off of the skin.

    Benzoyl Peroxide in a wash kills bacteria. Carley’s has BP in it but it also contains a small amount of cotton oil, which is not so great for the skin.

    Tea tree oil in a cleansing bar kills bacteria. I like the Tea tree oil soap bars from Trader Joe’s because it kills off all the bacteria and does NOT dry out the skin!

    I am sure there are other bacteria killing washes out there.

    There are some commercial bars on the market that contain chemicals that kill bacteria but they are very drying, and can cause problems down the line. Read the thread that is on this board about chemicals in toothpaste and detergents it includes some information on the main ingredient in these soaps. One of the brands that kills germs is Dial soap. As I said it is very drying but will kill all bacteria on the skin.

    Good Luck,

  5. What if I mixed my glycolic cleanser gel with some benzoil peroxide? Would the two combine well or would they affect each other performance?

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