why is my skin more dry aftwer a home peel?

i do a papin home peel once a week to remove dry dead skin. i heard is is gentler than aha’s but does the same thing. After i do it my skin is softer and smoother. but the next day i wake up my skin is rough and dry and reason why? thanks

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One thought on “why is my skin more dry aftwer a home peel?

  1. well willis, i think cuz your forcing the dead skin cells to come over ‘unnaturally’ the underlying new skin is kind off fresh, i guess that would be the word. and would probably dry quickly. it’s important to put on a moisturizer that doesnt cause you problems on after doing a peel if it causes dryness. Wounds and damage heal better when they’re moist. And since peels are a sort of gentle damage to the skin, the skin should be moist to heal.

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