Avoiding talc, silica and mica

My facialist, a para-medical aesthetician, says that people with acne should avoid the ingredients talc, silica and mica in skin make-up (probably okay in mascara). That would exclude the mineral make-ups I’ve been using for so long, which is too bad, because I really llike mineral make-ups. She custom blended a liquid foundation and blush for me. I’m not crazy about the foundation because it’s pretty dry (oil-free) and it looks kind of dead looking to me (it’s a very flat, neutral color and very matte). She did add a little oil to the foundation for me, but I’m still not crazy about it. I use it pretty much only as a spot cover. The blush is okay. I’m pretty sure the make-up is the YouRx brand, the same as the skin care she has me using. My skin has been doing well, and that’s what counts. Hopefully, after I get peels for the scarring, I won’t even feel like I have to wear foundation. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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5 thoughts on “Avoiding talc, silica and mica

  1. no wearing foundation is a WONDERFUL feeling!! Im not using foundation anymore woohoo my gosh I cant believe Im typing this, not wearing foundation was one of my wildest dreams lol

    I dont know lenore but I dont think avoiding this ingredients will make things worse with acne. Its with which you mix this ingredients that could make it dangerous. Remember also makeup in general is pore clogging so even if custom blended makeup will still be pore clogging, the best thing is not use at all! but this is the difficult task when you have acne that you dont know how to stay away off foundation 🙁

  2. Has anyone else here heard of these three ingredients (talc, mica and silica) being bad for acne? I’m concerned because so many people on the board here are using mineral powder make-ups (which I used for years), and if my facialist is right (she’s a para-medical esthetician), then these (and most) foundations and blushes could be worsening everyone’s acne. My skin has been mostly clear now for months, and I’ve been following Kay’s recommendations to the letter (I use her custom-blended YouRX foundation and blush). I don’t need to use very much foundation now, and mostly use it as a spot cover. I just don’t know what research her advice is based on though. I should ask her where she heard this and why she thinks these ingredients should be avoided. All I know is that my skin has cleared dramatically since I’ve been going to her, so I tend to believe she knows what she’s talking about.

    I found one make-up on the Internet which claims to be free of heavy metals called Engotti. I haven’t tried it, but it can be purchased at http://www.health-secrets.com from the Bioderma company. They’re based in Canada. The ingredients in the Engotti foundation are:

    Vitamin E, lecithin, aloe vera, gingko, pearl powder, hyalauronic acid, kosher collagen, Bach flower remedies, oligo (trace) elements and natural source of titanium dioxide [gee, the last ingredient sounds like a heavy metal, though, doesn’t it?]

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