So what foods actually promote healthy skin?

I’m having a hard time cutting out some of the notoriously acne inducing foods, so instead I want to eat extra foods that promote healthy skin.

My question is what foods and/or meals are proven to either improve the skin, or reduce blemishes?

Also milk is often stated as bad for people with acne, is it the actual milk that is bad or is it the hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics, added to the milk that are bad?

Also I have some peanut butter that is made without hydrogenated oils and no added stablizers or preservatives. Is that ok?

I appreciate any help you all provide!

Thanks a lot!

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One thought on “So what foods actually promote healthy skin?

  1. I could write a book about this… but many already have, so I suggest you buy a good nutrition bible to help you sort it all out. You will read lots of theories here and elsewhere. I’ve tried SO many different diets and supplements etc. w/out much success. B5 is the only thing that ever helped and I try and get as much B5 as I can through diet now rather than vitamins. I have a cookbook called the Healing Cookbook that has lots of recipes w food known to help various conditions. All this is good, but the only diets that seem to clear people are extreme. I’ve been vegetarian for most of my life and eat lots of raw foods, but no luck in the skin dept. I’m sure the answer is out there, but it could take yrs trying to find it. I am currently pursuing a biblical diet. Started for fun; a desire to eat what Jesus ate, but I feel great on it.

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