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Thought you’d like to hear how it goes w my son. His face was clearer this wkend, but like most of us, the red marks make it hard to tell just how improved. He had only a couple of bumps this a.m.- as opposed to the dzs which were becoming normal. The red marks are so sad, they are so disfiguring, and this is in a young kid that has only had acne for about 4 mos. They do go away, right? I don’t know if “what” he is using is what’s working, or the fact he’s doing something regularly. I sometimes think just keeping up a good fight with anything clears us. So, he washes w Olay’s skin-clearing cloths 3 xs a day, takes 4 – 6 gs of B5 when he remembers, applies Tazorac everynight, and either BP or Sulphur every morning, or not, if he’s too dry from the taz. So we’ve got the dilemma of not really knowing where to give the credit, since he’s using different things. I am pretty sure the BP and Sulphur aren’t doing much since he used those before- they help eliminate some oil and bacteria, but not completely clear him. I suspect the credit goes to the Taz and maybe a little to B5- he hasn’t been on B5 long enough… about one month on Taz & 2 wks of consistent B5. So there you have it, and I worry if he stops working at it, that’ll it’ll all come back. Now someone encourage me and tell me the red marks do go away- please.

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  1. He’s probably over-doing it with the cleansing cloths and all the other stuff. You oughta have him wash with a non chemical cleanser twice a day ONLY. The people at AcneMiracle advise people to wash twice a day, avoid ALL sythetic chemicals, preservatives, etc….and splash your face with warm water during the day (and wash in the morning and at night).

    He might be able to do a bit better by cutting back a bit and not using the cleansing cloths, unless you are sure they are working.

    Sage Skin Care has good cleansers that are low in chemicals and are totally non-comedogenic. Also, also has cleansers that have no synthetic chemicals. Also, Aubrey (can get at the healthfood store) has a good all-natural cleanser for oily skin.

  2. I have to ask, does your sons acne even bother him? I mean it sounds like it’s bothering you more than him. It’s good to see that you care and you are helping, but is he really wanting to do all the treatments? I think it’s best to only give him the option of different treatments and let him decide what he does and doesn’t do. The last thing you want to do is overdue it and make a small short term problem a big long term one.

  3. Hi annie, Im glad to hear about your son’s success. Like Denise says maybe you can have him cut back a little on the cleansing and those topicals too. Twice a day cleansing is the ususal recommendation. For the BP and Sulphur it sounds like you have found that every other day is okay. Thats a good choice since our skin tends to get used to products if used too frequently and then they lose effectiveness.

    Like Jim says too, hopefully your son is as anxious to relieve this condition as you are and he doesnt mind the regimen. It is REALLY nice to see you have such concern for him. You seem like a nice parent. 🙂

    Yes the red marks will go away but they can take time. People often report it takes 3-4 months, sometimes longer. 🙁

    A simple step to help heal and fade red marks is to take several deep breaths every morning or evening (anytime really) to get more oxygen into the blood stream. A gentle massaging of the skin can help too, as the capillaries directly under the skin bring oxygenated blood to help heal and also carry the capillaries carry away the waste.

    Russell :mrgreen

  4. Thx for advice. He wants to do something, but isnt’ as disciplined to read as much as I do. So he asks me what we can do. I think going to the derm gave him hope, even though I don’t support derms after many attempts to have them help me, I was willing to do that for him. And he’s young. I do impose a bit of structure on him because I don’t think he realizes how easily this can scar his skin. Like any parent, I have some investment in doing something that I think he’ll appreciate later, even if he doesn’t always listen now :wink

  5. Thats great annie. I wish my mom had been as helpful as you are with your son. You have the right mindset of trying to catch it before it really takes over!

    When I take Zinc, I notice that my red marks will fade a lot quicker than without. Zinc is really good for healing. Does your son take any?

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