Preventing those nasty cysts?

Well, we all know those deep, sore cysts are the WORST! They don’t seem to be affected by the traditional ways we stop other types of acne from ever appearing. I’m wondering, has anybody discovered any good methods that stop these huge pimples from ever developing? My regular acne is only mild, but lately I’ve been getting a number of bad cysts, which make me yearn for the days where I had acne I knew how to treat!

Any help or advice would be really appreciated! Thanks

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One thought on “Preventing those nasty cysts?

  1. B5 is the only thing that has stopped my hormonally caused jawline cysts. I will occasionally still get one near my earlobes, but they are much softer and shorter lasting than before. MSM lotion really helps to soften a cyst overnight, not clear it completely, but it will be noticeably smaller in the morning. I’ve also poked a cyst w a sterilized needle to relieve the pressure and this helps. As you know, the worst thing you can do is squeeze- makes it last 10 xs longer. My son is using Tazorac cream and it has gotten rid of his cysts, but he still has the other stuff. Good luck.

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