clindoxyl gel annnnnnd retin a micro??

my doctor precribed me with both clindoxyl and retin a micro…this can’t be right cause i’m so sure it’ll burn my face and i’ll be all dry and flaky forever. she said to wear the clindoxyl during the day and the retin a at night…any recommendations?? i think i knew more about skin than this doctor. and has anyone tried clindoxyl?

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One thought on “clindoxyl gel annnnnnd retin a micro??

  1. That does sound like a lot! I’ve never heard of clindoxyl, what is in it? BP? But I have used Retin A Micro in the past (currently I’m using regular Retin A) and it wasn’t too bad. It didn’t really dry me out too much, but I used it alone, no other topicals. If you do use both of them, make sure to use aloe vera or a mosturizer, or else you might burn your face off 😮

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