Any ideas for diet meals?

Ok guyz…..I actually dont mind this diet…but what bugs me is that I can’t, CAN’T find certain stuff and make meals to have fun with. I am eating lot of fruits and stuff…and veggies here and there….but I can’t seem to find a replacement for my sandwich breads :shock I’m currently eating whole wheat whole grain bread…but its got that Villain in it, GLUTEN!! Blah! bad stuff… ANy ideas??? i was looking for Whole Rye bread, ‘coz those are better I think? But I just found Rye bread…doesn’t say Whole…also someone said pumpernickel bread are good? but where do you find them?? any gluten-free bread you guyz know of, here in the States? URGH!! (a bit frustrated)… what you guyz think of having Brown rice, I’m Indian….I LOVE RICE, so instead of white rice, I was told brown rice is better….how about Parboiled? is that better then all those??
Oh by the way, I STILL can’t find almond butter…I found soy butter, but a little jar of it costs $5…OUCH! I’m a student, cant imagine that :roll lol! Besides these, any ideas for breakfast? How is oatmeal for breakfast, is oatmeal bad for us acne folks?? how does some chocolate soymilk, oatmeal and honey sound?? TOOOO much sugar?

Pleeeez, any thoughts and ideas would be great!!!

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  1. hey mickey!! wassup???

    You can find a SLEW of diet information here if you do a search on “diet” from the search function at the top of the screen. That will be a TON of posts but if you are looking for something in particular than try “gluten” or “rice” or “oatmeal” or “bread” or something like that.

    Good Grief, there has been a lot of talk about diets and what we can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Give it a go. There is lots of really, really, really, good stuff!!!

    I have told my favortie poster, Solomio, to write a book on all these diets. Mainly I want to know what foods are in what diet and why do certain diets restrict certain foods…why, why, why. And of course we need meal plans, like what those Weight Watchers do and those other plans. Yeah I know there is some of that out there but we need one specifically for acne control.

    Hey Solomio, I will help! I’ll draw the pictures…oh wait, no YOU draw the pictures. I will manage the sales and accounting. I love to run my fingers through the money. lol!


  2. as for your parboiled question, run a search for “glycemic index” on the web. There’s a long list on some australian site (they’ve done a hell of a lot more research than we have) that lists many different kinds of rice. I’m not sure where I put my copy, so I can’t answer you. I’m not very good with sticking with the diet myself, but I have made changes. I’ve cut down on the starch foods (we college students tend to live almost solely off of them because they’re so cheap) and now every meal is mostly something else (no more pasta dishes), and I make sure there’s some protein in every meal. Last weekend, I was on vacation with friends and couldn’t get out to eat as often as I needed to (we were also in a cosplay greenroom for several hours on saturday), and I had at least 1 protein bar from the hotel store in my bag for most of the weekend – I can’t tell you how much that helped (it’s times like that when you realize that yes protein bar can be worth $2-something in the right instance – I plan on buying a box for such occasions). The last bit of advice is more for those who are hypoglycemic (ie get weak or have a mental breakdown if they miss a meal or 2 or it doesn’t contain protein) than it is for those going on a special diet to help acne (it does contain stuff you try to avoid on the diet, but is much, much better than not eating if you’re hypoglycemic). Also, I refuse to eat snack/junk/sweets food anymore. The only time this was ever an issue was at my D&D table, where it’s piled high in front of us on the table (I never buy the stuff, and I hate soda). It never agreed with me and I always wound up getting really tired and falling asleep before 10 pm. It doesn’t happen when I eat a good meal beforehand and don’t eat the junkfood.

    Just do whatever you can – reduce you’re starch and sugar intake (less is better than more), and switch to whole grains when you do as much as you can.

  3. Thanks guys! Ritzvin, I came across one of those indexes but lost it, I’ll try to search it up again. Thanks again!!

  4. Ok guys I have a quickie! I started eating oatmeal for breakfast, here’s what I do: one serving (about 1/4 cup) of regular oatmeal, mixed with some water, and honey, and put some strawberries on it and eat that. How does that sound? is Oatmeal ok to have in our acne diet?? also, I bought this snack, its Soybean. The ingredients says: soybean, non-hydrogenated canola oil……is that ok? its hydrogenated oil thats bad, right? and the sodium in it is like 20mg, 1%…thats low isn’t it? Please get back to me if any1 can….Thanks!

  5. Hey that sounds good. Oatmeal seems to be a popular choice and rarely causes anyone a breakout (perhaps some people do??). Yes and use honey instead of white sugar, just be careful to not overload on honey. 🙁 I know, we have to be sooooo careful. And the strawberries….yum yum. Also try other berries like raspberry and blueberry and maybe a banana or a nice ripe peach.

    Oh and about that non-hydrogenated canola oil. Yes that seems to be a good choice. Stay clear of hydrogenated oils. They are bad for ANYONE regardless of acne prone skin. From’s definition of hydrogenation:

    This process, sometimes called hardening, involves hydrogenation of the unsaturated fatty-acid portion of the oil molecule by heating the oil with hydrogen in the presence of a metal catalyst; by controlling the extent of hydrogenation, various products can be obtained.

    Some of those products include plastic. Also not stated here is that most oils are unsaturated (liquid) while fats are saturated (solid). So…in regards to food items, why is the oil hydrogenated??? Also from

    Most fats become rancid upon standing; since a major factor leading to rancidity is air oxidation of double bonds (to form foul-smelling aldehydes), saturated fats are much more resistant to rancidity than unsaturated fats.

    So the oil is hydrogenated to keep it from getting yucky. This hydrogenation is done all the time to oils to preserve the oil. So why is this bad for us??? One last one from

    A correlation has been found between the consumption of solid fats in food and cholesterol levels in blood. Cholesterol forms arterial plaques that may lead to blockage of the arteries, i.e., artherosclerosis.

    Lastly, the hardening of any oil should give you another BIG clue as to why this is no good for us. Hardening means the oil is hard to digest, hard for the system to utilize and therefore hard to eliminate from the digestive tract.

    Sodium is another BIG problem with food. I will get into that at another time…sigh…


    P.S. Enjoy your breakfast 🙂

  6. daamn!! I wish I was as smart …knowing all that…maybe one day when I’m really into this diet (in another couple months) I’ll know :wink I’ve heard ppl say that honey is good as a substitution for sugar, but not to overload on it, but what does “overload” mean exactly? 2 tbspoon? lol, I dunno, just shooting some numbers here. also, I know we should cut out sodium and iodine as much as possible, but about how many milligram is fine. like this soybean snack of mine has 20mg = 1% , I mean that seems pretty low to me. well, thnx A BUNCH RK, I think I’m in love w/you ‘coz u’ve helped me a lot so far 🙂 haha!

  7. hey mickey, hows it going???

    So okay about your question on honey. Just use like 1/2 the amount you would use for table (white) suger. For instance if you use 1 teaspoon of sugar in a cup of coffee or cereal then use 1/2 teaspoon of honey instead. The reason to use less is because honey has more calories than regular table sugar (like 1/3 more).

    The reason you hear *some* people say not to overload is because a general thought is that honey is more “natural” and therefore better nutritionally…so people tend to add more to their coffee or cereal thinking its better. But the reality is that honey only offers small improvements in nutritional value. The nutrional content between table sugar and honey is practically identical. So for those of us who know about this we say to not overdo it.

    But this is an important side note…(from info I found on the web) the real problem between table sugar and honey is that “pure sucrose in the form of table sugar is highly processed whereas honey has only one processing step…it is heated to prevent crystallization and yeast fermentation that may occur during storage.” So you see that table sugar has lots more processing and this processing is going to change the chemical composition. Generally speaking this means bad news for us. The fewer processing steps the better. This is why honey is preferred over table sugar for specific diets including acne control diets.

    Sodium: 2400mg per day of sodium is a good recommendation. That isnt very much compared to how much we may ingest in one day. Watch for the sodium content on the ingredient labels of food you purchase to eat.

    Yo, I think you are real nice too and you have a funny way about you. 🙂 But I don’t love you quite yet. Maybe tomorrow. 🙂 Geez, I was just thinkn’….are you a girl or guy??? :oops

    I’m glad to help you out!

    Russell :mrgreen

  8. oh I have NO PROBLEM with 2400 mg of sodium a day! thats actually not bad at all I think. Well, Yes I am 100%!

  9. Hey,
    Ok, well I’ve given you links under your Acne Diet working thread. Now it’s a Gazillion links, but it should answer your “what do I eat” question 😉 Now, automatically, a GF diet is low carb compared what you were eating, but if you jump on all those sweets they make, you may still have problems. I think that they only make all those sweets, because they want to feel “normal”. Of course, we want to try the stuff, because we want to know how good a substitue food could really be. Just watch that one ok.

    I’ll post recipe links under some other thread…just follow my name 😉

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