Does Stress Affect Acne?

Of course it does!

So, take it easy, chill out, have a bit of what you fancy :lol and laugh loads.

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4 thoughts on “Does Stress Affect Acne?

  1. :cry it does! Awhile back ole amelia was in MUCH stress over a love called Pure…my hair was falling out when I typed and begged and pleaded for him to accept me and my apologies but no such luck :cry I still love him today 😀 NO but seriously I think that acne also effects your hair…..there is something not quite right inside…ok Amelia

  2. Amelia – you are going to town with those emoticons!!!!!!! :dance

    Ah, yes, Pure – he’s a funny one. But I’m not one for holding grudges, he still likes to take a pop at me when he’s in the mood, but I just ignore him and life goes on.

    Hey, I posted a link about stress/acne/hairloss. Did you see the thread?

  3. “In a recent study, Stanford University students with acne were analyzed before and after exams. The study found that students experienced a worsening of the disease when under pre-exam stress. Not only did their acne worsen during exams; but the more stressed they were, the worse it became.

    When you’re under stress, your body produces stress hormones such as cortisol. This primary stress hormone can stimulate an over-production of oil in the skin. When this excess oil mixes wuth dead skin cells and bacteria, it can cause acne to develop or become worse. This can, in turn, lead to more stress, plunging you into a stress-acne cycle.

    Address the source of your stress and take good care of your body. Eat better, sleep more, exercise, etc…”

    Hope this helps.

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