Im about to start roaccutane again for the second time in two weeks…all going well.
I know some people have said that there are good chances for second round ‘tane, but has anyone got personal experiences with this? Or know of people who experienced this?
Im kinda scared cos i dont wanna go it again if its just not gonna work 😕

lilnat :angel

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4 thoughts on “RO/ACCUTANE

  1. hi sweetie pie 🙂 how are you doing?
    i havent got personal experience in the 2nd round accutane thing, but i know a few people who have, and their skin has been great for years, if not for good. some people just need an extra kick and things will clear up for good. my derm, who is very nice and honest, says that he puts about 20% of people back on accutane at some point, and only about 5% of those need another round, and those people are mostly males.
    so i hope that makes you feel better 🙂
    i hope you do well on it this time honey. you deserve it! 🙂

  2. I have taned twice, thought the 2nd might nail it , however it did for a while
    good luck anyway

  3. first round was very disappointing (had my acne back in less than three months), second round was great (I don’t have acne anymore, not a single zit). But I had to be longer on it than the first time (8 months compared to 5 months)

  4. Hey guys 🙂

    Thanks for posting, i just wanted some reassurance…i know thats sad! lol. Exhortae thats pretty much the same situation im in, well, my first course was 5 months ish and the acne came back really quickly, and now my derm is wanting me to go on for a longer amount of time, hope it works for me like it did for you!
    Did you find that the side effects/clearing time was quicker/slower?
    Anybody else know?

    lilnat :angel

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