Can someone comment on the following food?

I am wondering about the following foods, if they are good for an acne cautious diet….

Natural apple and cranberry juice
Pasta. What type of pasta is good, I heard rice pasta?
Manderin Oranges
Spicy Natural Rice/Bean Soup
Granola cereal
Canned soup (progresso, etc)

Also what about chocolate soy milk? It has a ton of sugar, like 19g a cup. Is that a good option for “desert” food for an acne diet?

I also found some organic milk, antibiotic/hormone free. I just tasted it for the first time and it tastes like milk 🙂 Is this stuff good for acne diets? Better than regular milk? Anyone know why this stuff comes unfridgerated?

Also I wondering what are good acne diet snack foods? Are there any healthy chip/cracker type products? Any other acne diet food ideas?


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4 thoughts on “Can someone comment on the following food?

  1. Trader Joe’s makes a corn chip from Corn, Hi-Oleic Safflower Oil, water, Sea Salt and a Trace of Lime. This seems to be an acne free, safe chip to eat.

    When I have pasta now I go for rice pasta because it keeps it’s shape through cooking. The corn pasta gets too mushy for me.

    Granola has oats in it. I can eat oats and have never had a problem with this grain. Some people have a problem with oats because oats are a complex carb. Corn syrup is a problem for anyone who has acne so check to see if corn syrup is in the granola. Almonds and raisins are ok and I know they are in most granola. Actually almonds and raisins are good snacks for anyone who has acne because they don’t cause any problems.

    Bean soup? If you can eat beans then you can eat bean soup same for the oranges. Some people who have acne cannot eat beans or oranges and some others can eat these foods without any problems.

    Most Progresso soup is ok but one of them has cotton oil. I would avoid the one that has the cotton oil.

    I don’t know if the chocolate soy will give you a problem because of the high sugar content. I think that refined carbs, mostly refined white wheat flour is your worst enemy. Refined sugar can be a problem if you eat too much of it.

    The ‘organic milk’ sounds quite interesting. You say it does not need any refrigeration? It has to be pasteurized to prevent the growth of bacteria. It is a surprise to me that it is not kept cold? Not sure about this one as it is something I am not familiar with.

  2. I bought the organic whole milk from (lot’s of natural/organic foods). It comes un-refridgerated but when you open it, you are supposed to refridgerate it. Similar to regular soy milk I believe.

    It takes very close to regular milk. I think if I drink it for a few weeks I would get used to it and not be able to tell a difference in taste at all.

    Can you buy from Trader Joe on the internet?


  3. When you do start to drink it for a few weeks you will get used to it.When i was drinking cow’s milk this week,after drinking soy milk for ages now,i was nearly sick!It tasted revolting to me now!

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