Most comprehensive acne diet I’ve ever heard of

Hey all you acne gurus,

Recently I paid 20 dollars to download a diet plan called the acne miracle. Supposeldy, the gentleman who engendered the diet spend the last 11 years (8 years research/ 4 years testing) researching the acne diet connection and ultimately seeking a cure, because a devistating emotional event gave him the resolve once and for all. I’ve read his material, and although I was quite skeptical initially, I was very surprised to discover that his diet regimen contains almost every piece of diet information/advice from various acne forums. By reading different acne forums, I’ve gained bits and pieces of diet recommendation, but never anything complete and therefore helpful. However, this diet is exhaustive and comprehensive.
His basic theory is that in order to irradicate acne, one must, through diet, balance your hormones and eliminate toxins in your blood; and he proposes a five step plan to achieve these two objectives. Has anybody heard of or tried his dietary recommendations??

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14 thoughts on “Most comprehensive acne diet I’ve ever heard of

  1. I have that eBook. It is good. I know of one other person who has it and they liked it too. The author spent a great deal of time gathering data. There is a wealth of valuable information. The flip side to that is there is almost too much info. It is difficult to digest the entire book. I mean, if a person were to follow verbatim the regimen, it would be nearly impossible. It really becomes a situation where a person should just implement portions of what is stated. Maybe that was the author’s intent anyway.

    Personally I have employed many ideas cultivated from the book, specifically the reduction of hydrogenated oils in the food I eat. And although it is a diet book per se, the author covers many topics such as the cause of acne, hormone production and control, nutrient supplementation, detoxification and food allergies.

    Worth the $20, so I would say just about everyone who has acne should get ahold of this book.


  2. Why don’t we (us forums users) create a acne related book/ebook? I bet we could get over 50 years of experience from several users to combine into one useful book. I’ll lead the project if some of you want to participate. Anyone?

  3. wow sounds cool to me….and I would love to help others with acne…so any imput from my side will be of pleasure :angel

  4. Why don’t we (us forums users) create a acne related book/ebook? I bet we could get over 50 years of experience from several users to combine into one useful book. I’ll lead the project if some of you want to participate. Anyone?

    That sounds like a great idea. Have you talked to Mari? I would be willing to help.

  5. I haven’t talked with Mari yet. What I would like to do is get the word out on alternative treatments through this book. It would be nice to have everyone with personal experience to share their stories and let people know what did and didn’t work. I also feel many of us have more knowledge on acne than the average dermatologist, especially Solomio 🙂 So anyone who is interested, make it known and we can organize this. I’ll write a new post to get more attention.

  6. Purepersion and RK,

    Purepersian: I’ll give you his web-site so you can purchase all his info. Although I havn’t tested his theories on myself, I deem it a great investment based on the evident level of technical, exacting research that was conducted. Also, based on the fact that it encompasses all the dietary advice you’ve ever heard on this forum and then some.

    RK: I wholeheartedly agree; the actual implimentaion of his five step acne miracle seem impossible in terms of practicality. Don’t get me wrong, his research strikes me as sound and scholarly, but the application of that research is daunting. Consequently, I considered a partial application of his program, but he insists that anything less than full adherance would surely result in failure or nominal benefits

  7. Hi imation! For me, I have found pretty good results from implementing several of the ideas presented in the eBook. I’ve been on a modified diet for the past year or so and my skin is at least 50% better than last year at this time. I continue to experiment some as I try to find the right combination of things to help me get even better. 🙂

    Not all of the ideas presented need to be a part of a diet plan. Its just nice to have a comprehensive list of changes that *can* make a difference on our skin. As always each person must decide what works best for them and what they are able to tolerate.


  8. jim Im piling up the information that comes from these boards and as per my own research and I plan to put it all here organized in the site pages here absolutetly free for everybody. I will appreciate your help and everyone elses with this project. Just pm me…. 🙂

  9. Hey all,
    Yeah I purchased the 2002 Version under AcneMiracle, but he’s now got a 2003 version under a different name.

    LOL that part definately wasn’t in my book when I purchased it, but I cracked that part of it for free anyway 😉 So I guess I’m proud of him for putting more of the pieces together and he even gets kudos for having including this part “you will not get acne unless it is triggered by other factors such as diet, bad digestion, autointoxication, nutrient deficiencies, or stress ” in response to the role your genetics play in the old version. Anyway, this is the review I gave the other board about his 2002 version:

    Everything he talks about is true for certain people. I bought his book, like 8 months ago, and it was a good informative read for someone NOT ON THIS BOARD! 😉 It turned out to be 206 pages long, if you transfer it to MS WORD. It covers a lot of things, but failed to mention B5. Well apparently he’s updated his book to include B5 and I dont’ know what else.

    From what I remember, he pushes Fish Oils and explains what to use if you are taking Omega 3 or fish oils and not seeing results. (additional supplements) This is his#1 supplement and considering all the BENEFITS and results others have seen, I can understand why.

    His detoxes, he’s taken from BUT you don’t have to do ALL those things he suggests. That plan is for someone who is extremely messed up, even though I think we all feel that our problems are the most severe 😉

    I didn’t have to detox, I followed my own diet, and I never had any negative repercussions. Well, other than eliminating too much fiber because I didn’t increase my Vegetable intake. I still lack in the Veggie department, but I now take a Fiber supplement, and that problem was solved.

    In terms of diets, he mentioned the Mucuos free diet, and something else. However he had 2 Diet Plans for himself, depending on the Season. If I had followed HIS diet, I would still be breaking out…I’m guessing that’s why he has all the EXTRA supplements. So it’s your choice Supplements and a Less Strict Diet or a More Strict diet (save you money). He also mentions certain anti-androgens to take like Saw Palmetto and BetaSitosterol (new to me, gotta thank him for this one).

    If he’s added more things and his diet is even more strict, although it wasn’t last time, then it’s even better. From what I recall, he talks about each individual food group, including fiber and enzymes needed for healthy digestion. He talks about how important it is that whatever you eat, make sure it’s properly DIGESTED, hence the enzymes. That right there is the problem with Celiacs (can’t break down gluten disaccharide proteins). The right there is the explanation for the PALEODIET as to why most of us shouldn’t be eating grains, etc. He offers up natural skincare advice, food intolerance testing the Kinesiology way and explains certain things about vitamins that I didn’t know. He helped me to think much more about the mechanisms and why something may not be working for you, if it’s working for “everyone else”

    So for the FOREVER ongoing price of $20, I think that his is the most informative and affordable acne e-book out there (only one I’ve ever purchased). He leaves a LOT of hormonal aspects and explanations out as to why you should avoid certain foods or take certain supplements, but if you want to cure it naturally, it’s a good start. You may only need to Detox, you may only need the supplments, you may only need to change your diet. You are unique, and that final piece to your puzzle can be composed of one or more of these answers.

    The only thing that he’s misleading about is that some people did cure their acne through DIET ALONE. While others did it through DIET and SUPPLEMENTS, which I like to consider is also a dietary nutrional approach 😉

    I wouldn’t mind comparing notes with whoever’s purchased this new version to see how it’s changed.


    P.S. I NEVER got any updates or an ezine from him. I don’t now how good his Support is if you email him, since I never did. Otherwise, no complaints 😉

  10. and I plan to put it all here organized in the site pages here absolutetly free for everybody.

    thats awesome.. !!

    i just wanna say that i really appreciate this site and yadda yadda… : ) so.. thanks

  11. this would be wonderful! (and I’m bumping this so maybe those of you working on it -if more than just mari, will be motivated!) I’ve been trying to sift through all the info here and it is just so hard! I still don’t know really what vitamins and supplements i *need* to take, and how much. What ingredients in foods are just the worst for an acne-prone person? (so far I have wheat, gluten, iodine, oranges(??) and carageenan(?)). dizzy *_*

  12. ^ Dairy. That’s my no.1 food enemy. I used to think oranges and tomatoes didn’t agree with me. Turns out, oranges are fine but I’m very suspicious of tom’s. All that genetic modification – can’t be good 😐

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