exfolating question, confused any help thanks.

hey, i have sensitive skin and make skin can get dry easy from dead skin. i don’t like scrub beads, and don’t know what is good to remove dead skin that makes the texture rough?

weekly peels- which type , papain, glycolilc … and you have to keep doing or the skin get flekay dry again

or a exfolaitng daily wash, is there any genlt ones that are non-overdrying, not like 2% sacliyilc acid

thank you very much

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2 thoughts on “exfolating question, confused any help thanks.

  1. Willis if you have sensitive skin like me scrubbing is not an option. Yeah like you hear it. My skin does not tolerate any scrubbing, they are all harsh to me. Of the scrubs I have tried the most decent I have found is the scrub from Naturally Clear http://www.naturallyclear.com but still my skin doesnt tolarate continued use of scrubs. The best exfoliator there is and its actually a very cheap one is the scotch tape technique. Got to give credit to Tara from absolute on this one. Scoth tape is amazing. And I have tried it and it truly takes the crap out of your face. Just get ole cheap scoth tape from any store and put onyour face like those nose strips but you take off quickly. You will see how it will exfoliate. This should be a everyday practice.

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