cortisone injection

Hey everybody,
I just got a cortisone injection yesterday afternoon. The solution was diluted so that I would not get any indentations. My cyst has not gone down in size (usually they have left the next day). Is there still a chance that it will continue to go down in next few days, and that maybe it is taking longer because he really diluted to avoid atrophy? Thanks!!

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4 thoughts on “cortisone injection

  1. I havent had cortisone shots but I have heard good about em so this sound extrange. Might be the dilution but thats odd. Give it another day to see

  2. Keep us updated! I’ve never gotten one either, but I’ve heard good things about them. Was it expensive?

  3. It has been two days, and the cyst looks the same. I am so frustrated. I have always had great luck until one derm indented me, and now other derms give me a really diluted injection. These have always worked, but not on this one. He said to let it go for a week, and then call him. I have not had a cyst in seven weeks (13 1/3 weeks on accutane). So I am really upset that I got one now. It is the largest one I have ever had!
    Thanks for your comments!!

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