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The other day I was looking at the ingredient label of Gatorade and see that they add partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil in it. Why do they have to put that in a drink??

From what I know so far this cottonseed oil is no good. Bad for us. I am going to do more reading on cottonseed oil and why it is used in so many foods.

Solomio, where is that post on cottonseed oil you did awhile back? I cant find it.


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  1. Russell,
    There have been several posts about cottonseed oil. I wasn’t sure which one you were referring to so I pulled up several of them and here they are.
    Allergy to cotton oil is so common that it is included in official allergy testing in the U.S. In this thread I go into how valid allergy testing is done in an allergist’s office. My doctor is an Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeon as well as an allergist so he is licensed to do surgery as well as being an excellent allergy doctor.

    He helped me to control a very bad case of asthma that was threatening my life back when I first went to see him in the late ‘90s. Today that asthma is under complete control thanks to my taking extra magnesium every day. But that belongs in another thread because not having any asthma attacks any more is quite amazing for me.
    Cotton oil allergy as common as an allergy to peanuts is…20% of population is allergic to cottonseed oil.
    There is a small amount of cottonseed oil in Carley’s face wash.
    I have seen chocolate sauce with cottonseed in it in the supermarket so I am afraid that cottonseed could be in the chocolate sauce used in an ice cream parlor. I hate the fact that this cotton oil is showing up in a lot of different foods. I have been told that it is the cheapest oil on the market so this is why some manufacturers use it to cut costs.

    Times are tough now so many manufactures who used to not use cotton oil are probably going to start using it. So if you start itching from your favorite food then check it out to see if cotton oil has been added to the ingredient list.
    Natty told me a while back that she had bought an Oil of Olay product that had cotton oil in it so that is why I mentioned it in this post. Once in the past I bought an eye pencil that had cotton oil in it. I got a heavy raised red lump under my eyebrows on both sides after using the pencil. I then checked the cardboard thingy that the pencil was attached to, and saw that cotton oil was in the pencil. Well, now I never forget to check products like eyebrow pencils to make sure cotton oil is not in the formula/
    I am very allergic to cotton oil. Twenty percent of the population is allergic to this oil in one way or another. Some people just get an itch on their skin when they eat something that contains cotton oil. Some people are so allergic that they break out in pimples like I used to break out after eating something that contained cotton oil. Sometimes I think this is a blessing to be allergic to this oil. Why? Well, if you are not allergic to it you will just keep on eating it in your food and sooner or later the heavy dose of pesticides that are in this oil will accumulate in your fat tissues and cause you some major problems.
    There is a coffee creamer that you buy in the grocery store that has cottonseed oil in it.
    This one really blew me over; M’s derm has her using cotton oil on her skin. Thank God that M is not allergic to this oil but then M does not have acne. She has another type of skin problem. As I already said it is only 1 in 5 people who has a bad reaction to this oil and from my experience, pimples are a major part of the reaction to this oil. Further down in this thread I posted several links that give the reader an idea of just how toxic cottonseed oil is.
    Yes, there is cottonseed oil in Sunny Delight orange drink. You know that drink that is marketed to pre-teens.

  2. Thank you! :angel

    As always you are extremely thorough!!!

    People, please read this info!!! It is good stuff!!

  3. After reviewing them all, the post I was looking for is the last one on your list. I guess I couldnt find it because I searched for “cottonseed oil” and the search returned all pages that had just the word “oil” in it. Haha…that was a lot of pages! (sigh)


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