my scars – PICTURES! – please help!!

heres a few pics i took, sorry if there not too clear but i couldnt get the lighting perfect!! 😮
so anyway, what do u guys recommend i do to remove them? and is there a name for this sort of scaring?
thank u guys

click the link below to see the pics

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8 thoughts on “my scars – PICTURES! – please help!!

  1. Hey my daer your scarring looks alot like mine too bad your not a girl because makeup covers scarring like our right up I have been using a fade cram i got from sallys that has been working great its Claudia Stevens face fade cream since I no longer break out because I have been on accutane i wear it at night

  2. so what do u recommend?
    there not that bad r they? will they fade in time? i wanna get rid of them now… what r my options????

  3. Pure,
    I saw your pics and to me your scars are not that bad compared to mine and besides you could hardly notice them from the pics and the lighting. Most of what i see are red or pink marks which might help. I have been using a skin discoloration fade cream for about 2 months and most of my red marks have disappeared except for a small brownish mark on my left cheek…any1 suggest any product that would help fade this. Let me know what your thoughts are of this.


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