accu. 2xtimes better “cure” chance and mini dose

I read if you have acne the ususaly comedones , pimples, that if you get acne again after a first course though milder, if you take it again you have a 25 % greater chance of not getting acne enough that needs treatment. has anybody heard of this?

also, those with milder acne i read that in other coutrie that if your acne is mildere than needed full coursse, that you take take 20 mg just twice a week to control mild acne wothout all the crazy side efff ts? anybody heard of this too? maybe that plus a clearlight or a light topical

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4 thoughts on “accu. 2xtimes better “cure” chance and mini dose

  1. I dont think just because your acne is milder a lower dose of accutane will help you to keep clear. My acne was moderate and I started with a lower dose of accutane, it did nothing in fact i got worse, it was until the dose was highered to whats suppose to be the full dose for me that things started to clear out. Mild or severe you need full dose to see the effects. What i did was to drop down the accutane dosage when I saw things clearing so well to minimizer the side effects. Remember as the higher the dosage the higher the side effects and risk.

    I have heard of people being having luck with their second accutane courses but again you are risking your health for it each time you take it.

  2. I have heard the contrary, I asked my derm and he said a low dose will do very little if anything. But a second round has a far higher success rate than the first course and obviously you know how to manage it, are better prepared so the risk to your health is less. Im on a second course and into my thrid week, I cannot believe how well its working!!

  3. jake,

    the low dose i read that just 2 pills a week is long term like years to just control it like for adults.

    the 2nd course did the dr. say for all types of acne like comedones and pimples that there is a higher rate or just referring to cystic acne? thanks

  4. hey,

    ok – got you, haven’t heard of the low dose. All I know that a second course has a far higher success rate with getting rid of ALL forms – pimples included. Like I said Im into my second course, and down from 2-3 pimples a day to one a week if that! its working great.

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