Is there any way to completely remove scars?

is there anything that completely removes them? i dont really have any ice picks, i dont think alot of mine are shallow, some are kinda deep but not really there are like 2 of them i really really want to get rid of, i’m wondering if they will ever be gone. is there any thing that completly removes scars? does those laser treatments remove them or what?

when i see older people like 40 with scars, it makes me feal like there is no hope. i’m only 16, feals like my life is over already. i feal like an old man telling sad story’s. i wish i had a fresh start, a fresh face.

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3 thoughts on “Is there any way to completely remove scars?

  1. Kenster,
    The doctor(s) you see must be people who treat scars all the time and really like what they are doing. Not all dermatologists are knowledgeable enough to treat scars. That sounds funny doesn’t it? If your doctor is a derm then s/he should be one that also functions as a plastic surgeon. All you have to do is ask the doctor if s/he does scar reversal procedures and how successful are they at doing these procedures?

    Skin constantly renews itself from the bottom up. The younger you are the faster this process happens. Removing the top layer of skin over and over will cause more skin to grow from the bottom up and replace the skin that has been removed. You have to understand this process in order to be able to pick and choose method(s) that will achieve your goal.

    Excision is the cutting out of a scar and the ‘new’ hairline scar is stitched together. Often after excision the patient has a laser resurfacing procedure done to make the hairline scars almost completely disappear.

    Some scars can be Subcised. You can read about this process in the big scar thread that is in this particular room. I will bump it up for you.

    Any procedure repeated over and over that is ‘really’ removing top layers of skin will work. I had 20 aggressive microdermabrasions. After the first dozen or so I started to really notice my skin getting smoother. Remember that skin may be thinner for a while after some more aggressive skin removal processes but this thinness is only a temporary situation. In time the skin becomes as thick as it was before you started having treatments. The exception is for a female who is over the age of 40. Women have thinner skin than men do and removing layers of skin as they age can make the skin appear more thin. Truth is that all women will have thinner skin as they age even if they do not do anything to remove the top layers of skin.

    Kenster, with each procedure you need to first investigate the possible bad things that can happen to you. Doctors do not always tell the patients about the bad stuff until it is too late. Be sure to always ask about the negative as well as the positive.

    Laser skin removal is very expensive, costs around $5,000.00 per treatment. Carbon Dioxide laser treated skin can take as long as 7 or 8 months before your face looks a normal color again, and a lot of people who have the type of scars you have are often disappointed in their results from this laser. The Carbon Dioxide laser is best for wrinkles and for hairline type scars. It is not so great for craters or ice picks because a person needs to repeat this laser surgery several times to get any real results on deep scars and each treatment takes months to heal. Also, at $5K a treatment it will cost around $15,000.00 to get any real results. .

    Erbium: YAG Laser treatments remove less skin and the recovery can be as fast as 7 days. The cost for a full face is around $4,000.00. This type of laser treatment is less painful than the Carbon Dioxide laser treatment. Often a person has to do this type of laser surgery several times before the skin looks as smooth as they want it to be. This means this surgery will end up costing at around $12,000.00

    Then there are fillers.

    Lots of fillers are coming on the market. You can have your skin smooth like it was before you got acne. You just have to have enough money to pay for the procedures, enough time to recover from the procedures, and enough belief in yourself to keep on trying until you get to where you want to be.

    Don’t listen to that doctor who told you that you could not be smooth again, that person does not realize that it takes multiple treatments and sometimes different types of treatments to achieve this goal. Have faith in yourself, Kenster and you will achieve your goal.
    Keep on, keeping on,

  2. Nice post. Thanks for the info.

    when i see older people like 40 with scars, it makes me feal like there is no hope. i’m only 16, feals like my life is over already. i feal like an old man telling sad story’s. i wish i had a fresh start, a fresh face.

    You are a young man with so much life yet to live. Do not give up on the idea that someday you will have clear skin and no visible scars. You are here and asking questions, seeking answers, and you can implement some sort of change or process to help you.

    I am 44 yo male, have had acne for 30+ years and obviously have scars to show it. But I haven’t lost my hope for clear skin and no scars…have you really lost yours??

    Just keep trying your best each day and you will eventually see results.

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