acne “moving” throughout the years

i was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. for instance, when i first started getting acne when i was young, i really had a problem on my nose and nowhere else, then it stopped on the nose then moved to the forehead.. then for a while it was on the jaw, near the ears… finally it moved to the sides of my mouth/chin area.. and recently it’s been more on my cheeks.

i’ve just noticed that my acne problems tend to migrate throughout the years. i’m hoping now that they’re about to migrate their way off my face.

anyone else noticed they had problem areas at different times?

not that this post has any real educational value, i was just bringing up something new to talk about.

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10 thoughts on “acne “moving” throughout the years

  1. 11 years old – Nose.. full of blackheads
    13 years old – Nose still full,whiteheads on forehead and chin
    15 years old until today – Nose still full..nothing on forehead,a bit on chin but mostly on cheeks

    *18 years old – Nowhere..hopefully

  2. I’ve noticed that as well! 5 years ago when i was 13 it mainly used to be concentrated on my forehead but now my forehead is clear and its my cheeks that are suffering. Even more confusing though is that it used to be both cheeks in equal amounts but now its primarily my right cheek whilst my left cheek is being steadily abandoned…those pesky spots are actually choosing to emigrate to a more desirable part of the neighbourhood!! I can practically see them strolling across my face at night and taking root on the east side :crazyeyes that just takes the p!ss

    Can anyone offer any explanations WHY one side of my face is worse?

  3. i am 16,anyways my right cheek seems worse this week but last month my left one was like a battlefield-after the battle-

  4. 12 years old – forehead real bad, no where else
    13 years old – arround lips and chin, that area between your eyes and hairline
    14-almost every where but my cheeks
    15- cheeks
    16 – clear forehad, scars on cheeks, break outs arround chin only

  5. I thought I was the only one. Teen yrs were just mild breakouts on T-zone and into college yrs. But when I got adult acne, it was on my cheeks and jawline. When I started B5 it moved to sides of ears, neck and hairline before clearing.

  6. A lot of people who have had acne experience this. It will start on the T-Zone, then move out on the face.

  7. Yes me too! When i first got zits around 14, Id get them on forehead and nose. Now if I break out, I get them on cheeks and chin (Im 20) Seems to be a pattern here. It would be interesting if this was studied. By understanding what can “switch” oil glands in certain places on and off -even if the level of hormones etc in the body is the same- a better understanding of acne may be reached, and better treatments may be found.

  8. this is intersting.. I guess i could say when I was young it was like in the nose area then it moved to the sides. In the last years it was a sider. One side clear the other not and it switched. I always found it so weird.

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