What is more effective: Differin or Retin-A-Micro?

Hey all,

For the past month, I’ve been considering incorperating some form of Retin A treatment back into my acne fighting regimen. Is Differen a form of Retin A?

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2 thoughts on “What is more effective: Differin or Retin-A-Micro?

  1. i think they’re different. i’ve never tried either but i think from what i’ve read from people’s experiences, differin seems to be more effective. i’ll let the others say for sure, though.

  2. 😀 Hi Agnostic and humper,
    Differin, which is Adapalene gel, is a synthetic retinoid while Retin-A is actually derived from vitamin A. Retin-A is the stronger of the two topicals.

    This is from a previous post I made on this board:

    Differin was discovered and developed by Galderma. You may be familiar with Galderma because this is the company that manufactures and markets the Cetaphil line of lotions and facial cleansers including the well know bar soap. I do not think the patient has run out on Differin (Adapalene).

    The patent on Retin-A has run out so it is available in GENERIC form and is manufactured my many drug companies, therefore the price on Retin-A can vary from company to company. You have to tell your druggist that you want the generic form of Retin-A in order to get the generic.

    Retin-A is available in a cream form, which is the form I am using. Retin-A is also available in a gel form.

    Retin-A micro is the gel form of Retin A.


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