XIAN and Vitamin B5

Ok, I just ordered my Xian yesterday and expecting to get it sometimes end of next week? I think.. If any1 has any experience with it..meaning, taking it for more then 2 weeks or something, pleeez let me know. I started taking vitamin b5 last year’s october, and my skin cleared up 100%, it was beautiful!! but after doing it for 2 months, I kinda stopped, and still my skin was nice. then, towards the end of last month, I started getting some bumps, so I began taking B-5 again, but I broke earlier this week, and THEY”RE NOT GOING AWAY!!! GOD! its soo frustrating, I increased my b5 to 10 grams…(I was taking only 6grams when I took it last year and it worked). I’m not breaking out any new ones but these aren’t going away, but thats not how it was when I first took it. Did any1 have a similar experience like mine?? I need some feedback, Help me out here anyone :cry , Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “XIAN and Vitamin B5

  1. i was on it last year for about 5 months and cleared and quit then i started the midnight shift at work and had a super massive breakout. I went back to the b5, but instead of the way i was doing it (local pill co for 1.5 g per day, i got the acne miracle and went on 10 g per day. it has now been 4 months and i am much clearer now but not 100%. i will continue to take it is always slowly imroving- not as quick as before tho. I am very anxious about every one’s xian experiences and may swich over in a few months if they are good

  2. Ya I’m not sure if I should start taking Xian as soon as I get it sometimes this week or next week, or if I should continue with Vit. b5 for now. Will see how Xian goes. A bit excited about it 😀

  3. please keep us updated on your xian progress. is your acne mild, med or severe?

  4. I definitely will! Well, I’ld say moderate, its reallly hard to say because I’m always doing something to treat it. So, I hardly see its real face. But I’ll tell you this, I’ve been using this cream from PURPLE EMU company, a cream that uses emu oil as its base, really helps to keep mine a bit under control, but doesn’t clear up acne all the way, atleast not for me. It helped many to clear up, and increases the process of healing. I wanted to achieve a 100% clear skin, so I took vit. b5 with it, now that vit. b5 isn’t working as efficiently as b4, I ordered XIAN. I’ll let every1 know how that goes.

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