Nails and Acne

Hey guys

I’ve just read an article in one of my mums magazines (health pages) about your nails and your health. I cant remember all the different aspects, there were quite a few, but one of them was about the types of lines on your nails. It said that vertical lines on the nails were significant of some skin disordors, i have vertical lines down my nails!
Anyone ever heard of this? Would taking supplements or something help?

Nat :angel

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17 thoughts on “Nails and Acne

  1. Never heard of it, but I have vertical lines on my nails too. But doesn’t everyone have vertical lines? I mean, I’ve never met a person with horizontal lines…

  2. Yeah lol, it had a section for horizontal lines too…i cant remember what it said it meant, i’ll have a look later. It was all about health and what you lack etc.

    If you notice, some people dont have lines at all, their nails are all smooth, i think thats what would be classed as normal.

    Natty :angel

  3. :yup if the lines are white it means you need more zinc in your diet or you should supplement your diet with zinc pills.

  4. Solomio is smart 😀
    I don’t have lines up and down my nails, but I have odd nails. The tips aren’t white like normal people’s. They’re clear(ish). Kinda weird.

  5. My nails get clearish too the middle of the tips are white and then the outer tips are clear. Wierd. I think that just means they are weak maybe. But I do have those lines I guess I should take some zinc!

  6. there may not be clearly seen but there are some lines,mainly because thae way the nail is created? mine are vertical anw

  7. My lines arent white, they’re just like ridges, you can feel them if you rub across

  8. i think there most probly talkin bout the little white lines u can get. I never had em, but my cousin sometimes did, he said it was somethin 2 do with calcium or something, but i wouldnt trust him :lol

  9. really? oh well i didnt study his nails lol
    but MAYBE the circles signify something too…..

  10. i think he was right,it shows calcium deficiency.Im not sure id it is calcium but its a mineral for sure

  11. Yep the white circle things are lack of calcium, but i was talking about lines andrea, not circles!

  12. i actually “eat” (dont know the real word to use in english, sry) my nail way too much to know that… im probably the person with the less longer nail of the world 😕

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