My Story and Regimen… Plz Read

Hey all here’s a lil backround on me. I have had mild/moderate acne since i was 15, I am now 24, I am male. Anywhoo, I have pretty much been on Antibiotics since then and I am pretty much sure that they have screwed me up – I hate the docs for not telling me any of the negative side effects , Since I was 17 I have been on the following Anti’s in the following order, Amoxicillin, Dynacin, Doxycyline, Tetracycline and then Finally last year Ampicillin. I remember when I broke out last year I thought I face looked so bad – I get like these enlarged pores on my cheeks when I am acne prone that almost look like scars but I remember when I cleared up they went away , I also know that if I use a Salicylic acid pad like Clear Logix these”Scars” seem to go away for that day until my pores like open up again… Anyway recently i started breaking out again and I think its because I either have candida cause of all the antibiotics or something like that so I really want to nip this in the bud this time. I would take accutane but at 24 and being Male HAIRLOSS is something i do not want to initiate in myself since I consider myself at leats lucky to still have a full head of hair. So to help myself and body get in working order here are the supps I have been taking for the past 3 days, lemme know what u think…

GarliPure Garlic, 1,000 mg
PB-8 Acidophilus
Flax Seed Oil, 3,000 mg
Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 200 mg
Ester-C, 3,000 mg
Beta-Carotene 75,000 IU

Well that’s it should i do good on it? Also, whats should i wash my face with and I still have Ampicillin, should I keep taking that or quit it comepletely? Thanks again, I hate acne!

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9 thoughts on “My Story and Regimen… Plz Read

  1. :scratch I think your regimen is good. Im not sure what Nicomide stands for but seems you got it all from vit A to potent antioxidans like ALA. No digestive enzimes?

    Regarding cleansors people is being ravin about Carley’s. To me I use Purpose liquid because my skin is very sensitive and this one works very good. Also I have heard good about Sage cleansor.

    Mari 😀

  2. Thanks Mari I just started using The Beta Carotene Im hoping it will help end the dead sking i been getting everyday from washing 2-3 times a day with PanOxyl face wash bar which usually works very good for me… Whats are digestive Enzymes? I really want to kick this infection i think i got from too many antibiotics in the bud… also should I keep taking the Ampicillin? Probably not right…. please EVERYONE post any thoughts… hehe thank you all and sorry for being annoying 😛

  3. FrankY

    1. If you are taking Co-A – you really don’t need ALA as well – they do similar things.

    2. You need to also have a good daily multi vitamin/mineral – make sure there is balance – in the multi, you need around 15mg + of zinc.

    3. Definately add digestive enzymes!!

    Don’t know what ampicillin is, so can’t advise.

    Many people including myself and Nomad) use Carleys cleanser – it’s very good – we get it from

    Good luck. 😀

  4. You can quit take ampicillin, after a while your body gets used to the antibiotic and they don’t do anygood after. As for the cleanser try finding a european cleanser, those are better that the one’s you find in north america. But don’t go for a cheap one. Zinc is a good idea. But don’t wait too much for these stuff, they aren’t miracle pills.

  5. @exhortae

    why european cleansers are better than the ones in north america? Just curious..

    Mari :wave

  6. Hey, a good natural antibiotic to take is manuka oil internally. Manuka oil comes from manuka honey, which they use to dress wounds over in Australia and New Zealand. It’s antibacterial properties are, I think, over 20 times greater than tea tree oil. Personally, if I were you, if you have sensitive skin, or aren’t sure because of all of the chemicals and preservatives in soaps and non-soap products, you oughta try Living Nature’s purifying skin cleanser, and their manuka oil and honey gel. I’m telling you….I’ve had acne for a gazillion years and I’ve had peels, microderm, been on antibiotics, been on Retin A, done everything. But since adding the Living Nature products and the fish oil (had been on flax oil but kept hearing that the body processed fish oil much better, and that the anti-inflammatory effects were much more pronounced in fish oil), I cleared up. I had tried high doses of b5 too, with no success. In any event, go to if you want to read about the products. The lady who invented the products did so because she had acne! The cool thing about the manuka oil and honey product is that it refines your pores and tightens your skin. I really cannot say enough good about that product!!!!! It does what Dr. Perricone’s stuff does but his is $120.00 and this is like, 15 bucks. If you’re interested in purchasing the manuka oil to take as a natural antibiotic and are interested in the gel to apply, then you oughta go with an American distributor. I found one at

    I found that for me personally, I cannot put stuff that is too creamy and whatnot on my face. Just about everything breaks me out or irritates me. But to me, these products are reasonably priced and really have worked for me, in conjunction with the fish oil I added.

    I would nix flax and take fish oil. I have taken Udo’s Choice oil for at least 5-6 years and like this fish oil better! See the thread I started, “To Dr. Nomad and other fishy people”. It lists an odorless, tasteless fish oil that doesn’t leave you burping fish. :crazyeyes

    Best of luck and Happy New Year!

    Hang in there….we will all beat this!

  7. Hi Franky 😀 I finished a course of accutane about 5 months ago. And I can understand about the hair concern. Mine did fall out a bit more then normal but now that I am finished it is just fine. I had cystic acne and suffered with it for awhile trying all the other things first which I think is a good idea. These ladies know what they are talking about so give them a shot first to see if they will clear you. I am now doing more natural ways I definately recommend the digestive enzymes and the Manuka oil. I like plain noxema in a tub for cleanser (it isn’t good for everyone) but it seems that the red spots go away faster. I use shea butter for moisture it is awesome stuff.


  8. @exhortae

    why european cleansers are better than the ones in north america? Just curious..

    Mari :wave

    I’ve lived in Canada and france, I’ve also had acne in my teens, I’ve tried different brand in france and canada, all the canadian(american) brands didn’t do a lot of good, but the expensive french (european) brand giave me great results, (no need anymore of all that irritatic alcoholic creams). But only the expensive one’s. Vichy, La Roche Posay. And I can assure that when I used to have acne I tried every damn cleanser you can find in every damn shop or pharmacy


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