Vitamins/Supplements and PMS/Hormonal acne

Hey Girls (Im assuming!)

What vitamins/supplements are recommended to help pre-menstrual acne? I get some nasty cysts and/or nasty spots around the time my period is due, or around ovulation (havent quite worked that one out yet, one of the two, or both, anyway) and wondered if taking anything would help with this? Accutane doesnt seem to help with the time of the month ones! Also, is it more common to break out during ovulation, or a few days before menstruation begins?

Nat :angel

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4 thoughts on “Vitamins/Supplements and PMS/Hormonal acne

  1. Lilnat,
    Try B6. You can get it in Boots, in a yellow tub….says Monthly Cycle Vitamin B6, 10mgs.
    On the back it states: “Maintains healthy skin and hormonal balance. Many women like to take it around the time of their period”
    1-2 tablets a day is the recommended dose.

  2. Before i started taking dianette (which now seems to be helping control pre-menstrual breakouts) i was taking evening primrose oil capsules – which help hormonal balance. However the best supplements i came across were called Magnesium-OK which are manufactured by Wassen International.

    “Magnesium-OK is a unique one a day nutritional supplement specially for women. It contains a balanced combination of seven important minerals and six vitamins to help maintain hormonal balance throughout the monthly cycle. An adequate supply of magnesium, vitamin B6 and zinc in combination with the other nutrients contained in Magnesium-OK help your body adjust naturally to the complex hormone changes that take place during the monthly cycle” (quoted from the Magnesium-OK packaging!)

    As far as i know this product is available at most good chemists and supermarkets (i never had a problem finding it) and for more information check out the link below to the company site 🙂

  3. Hey guys

    thank you! Ive only just seen these replies!

    Tatum, my mum takes magnesium ok so i would be able to find it easy!
    Emma, that sounds good, have you taken it? Can you take it all the time or is it just for time of the month?

    Natty :angel

  4. You can take it every day no problem. I have to take it daily anyway for that blood condition I’ve mentioned before. Says on the back of the tub, ‘Take one to two tablets daily with liquid’.

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