(probably stupid?) dosing question

is it ok to forget a part of your dose one day, and the next day to overtake it?

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2 thoughts on “(probably stupid?) dosing question

  1. and i quote from the roaccutane booklet:

    “if u forget to take a dose, do not double the next one”

    so if u forget, dont worry about it, its just an extra tablet u will need to take at the end of your treament 🙂

  2. dont worry bout it at all
    ive missed out quite a few days when on it, either through forgetting to take it or cos errr i was having a tiny tny little drink (lol sorry mari!) and i didnt take it just for that day or cos i was all dry skinned and ucky and didnt want to take it lol………..
    so yeah, if u miss a day, then just carry on as normal, except ul finish ur course a day l8r! 8)
    but whatever u do do NOT over dose EVER!!

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