Question for Jojoba oil users

I’m using it and everything seems fine, it doesnt give me breakouts but i’m wondering if it is really moisturizing my skin. It’s supposed to trick skin into thinking it’s producing sebum or oil right? or something like that. Many people are using it to fight oily skin. I don’t have oily skin, always had rather dry skin, so my question is could the jojoba oil actually be reducing the little natural oil that my skin would normally produce and in that case actually drying it more than would be good for me?

Appreciate any answers, thoughts, comments.

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3 thoughts on “Question for Jojoba oil users

  1. No, it definately wouldn’t dry yor skin out – it makes it normal – so if you’re a little dry, it would correct that too.

  2. make sure to mist your face first or mix the jojoba oil with a little water. Oil works by trapping the moisture to your skin. moisturizer is in fact a water/oil or water/glycerin emulsion. If your skin is really dry and you don’t add some water, your skin will still feel dry with the jojoba oil.

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