I think I am causing my own ance. Any thoughts?

I think my actions to prevent acne, are actually the causes of it. What I mean is, I only have acne on my chin and it’s severe. My chin is also the only place I wash over the years. I NEVER wash my entire face only my chin, and I only get acne on my chin. My chin is excessively oily, which I contribute to all the washing and treatments. No where else on my face is oily. A while back I started washing my nose (blackheads) and I started breaking out on my nose, so I quit and no more breakouts on my nose.

Also I started growing a little goatee on my chin to hide my acne. I also quit paying so much attention to the area under my goatee and those areas don’t breakout nearly as much as the area above my goatee and below the corners of my mouth. I would say 80% of my chin acne is in the area I still frequently wash, while it’s only about 25% of the area of my chin.

To me this seems like my frequent washing/mousturizing is what’s causing my acne. Is it likely to be that or just the areas where I do breakout are common places for people to get acne, no matter if I wash or not?

Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences with this situation?

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15 thoughts on “I think I am causing my own ance. Any thoughts?

  1. you know actually its NOT advised to constantly bathe our pets bcoz of skin disorders.Actually i noticed a full weekend that i was kinda isck that i got a bit clearer.I investigated y and found that the difference was that i didnt took a shower.Anybody here willing to try not bathing for a week and post results? 😕

  2. Jim1,
    IF your skin is normal skin where the cells shed in a normal way then it is always possible that you are allergic or sensitive to certain chemicals that were in the product you were washing your chin with. The other possibility is that whatever you used on your face may have dried out the surface of your skin. Some soap can be to blame for both causing allergy reactions and drying out the surface of the skin.

    It is often a vicious cycle; the dry skin keeps the oil trapped inside the pores, and then bacteria and bits of skin get trapped in the same pores, and inflammation happens…that is acne. Sometimes, with guys, facial hair gets trapped in the same pores.

    Often a form of GENTLE exfoliation will STOP this nasty cycle.
    Jim, I wish you luck in stopping this particular type of acne cycle.

  3. Alexious,
    It sounds like you think you have the same type of acne as Jim has?

  4. Solomio,

    My skin is extremely dried out, yet still excessively oily. Can you recommend a gentle wash and mousturizer to use? Over the years I have used proactiv, cetaphil, and Carly’s for a wash and Olay “Complete” as a moisturizer. I tried cetaphil moisturizer for a while and it burned my skin, left red patches and made me breakout.

    Any suggestions?


  5. Jim,
    You skin sounds like it is not normal 🙁 but instead is one of the types of skin that is prone to acne. I say this because it sounds like my type of skin 🙁 . Dry on the surface yet oily under the surface, and the oil breaks through and you see pools of oil on top of dry skin.

    The oil on my skin has gone way down 🙂 but I still have the type of skin that gets dry on the surface, and will break out very easy if I don’t do the gentle scrub every day.

    If you just use a ‘gentle’ cleanser it will not soften the hard surface skin. Gentle cleansers work very well for other people who have a different type of acne because they have a different type of skin. I know because I battled this problem for a long time before I discovered what worked for me.

    I tried different types of exfoliatiants and most just dried my skin out more and the more my surface skin dried out the more I broke out.

    It is over a year now since I tried a really ‘gentle’ exfoliant that I have talked about before on this board. It is by Rachel Perry and is called Peach & Papaya Gentle Facial Scrub.

    What makes this one work is it has very, very fine grains for the scrub that do NOT scratch the skin. It also has salicylic acid in it to clean out the plugged pores as you use it. When you rinse your face your rinse away the surface gunk that was plugging up your pores. Just be careful to keep your eyes closed when you rinse. I almost always rinse in the shower so I do the scrub, once a day, before I do my shower. After using this scrub my skin feels very soft, not dry on the surface. Just recentily I have started using a moisturizer on my face. This is because I am using Retin A now, have been for 6 months now. The Retin A is changing my skin from the inside to the outside. I use it once a day at night and do not put anything on it because my doctor told me that if I used a moisturizer over the Retin A it would inactivate the Retin A’s chemical action on the skin.

    In the morning, after I wash with a very gentle wash, I use a moisturizer. Here is what I wash my face with in the morning: Tangerine Dream Foaming facial Cleanser w/alpha Hydroxy Acids by Rachel Perry and afterwards I am now putting Calendula-Cucumber Oil FREE Moisturizer with SPF 15 and with Echinacea, which is also from Rachel Perry.

    This is a real good combination.

    If you just use the moisturizer without the special scrub it will not work as well.

    You have to use all the product types in order to make this scheme work. You may find another brand that you like better.

    Just try to get a ‘gentle’ scrub with ‘salicylic’ in it to clean out the pores. The gentle scrub is the ‘key’ to this combination of products that work to soften up the dry surface skin.

    One of the nice things about the moisturizer I am using now is it disappears into the skin and does NOT make the skin look shiny. There is no grease with this product. Also, Calendula is the ‘marigold flower’ and it is antiseptic so it kills off any germs that get on your skin. It is in a pump bottle so it is sealed off from any bacteria that is in the air.

    Jim, Good Luck!

  6. 🙂 Alexious,
    Our domestic pets, which are normally cats and dogs have soft fur growing out of their skin.

    They have a very different type of skin with different type of needs from human skin.

    We, Alex, are the ‘naked animals.’ We and our pets are all mammals; all mammals have certain things in common, and there are differences between the mammals, too! Skin texture, fur or no fur, types of oil glands, are just a few of the differences between mammals.

    Our uncovered skin is prone to damage from the sun, and from things like the chemicals we wash our ‘clothing (fake fur), with.

    Most domestic animals skin conditions can be treated with some really good EFAs, which will clear up their skin problems. Which reminds me that we humans need EFAs too, to maintain good skin health.

    Alex, Good Luck if you decide to go ahead with your plan to not wash. Just remember one of the things we humans have are glands that create some might potent smells on our bodies when we do not wash.


  7. It’s not all bad Jim; you have the same skin type as Solomio! Stick with her and you’ll be clear very soon. :mrgreen

  8. 😀 Hey Tom,
    Good to see you keeping an eye on things.
    Solomio :mrgreen

    P.S. Tom, The main difference between Jim’s skin and mine is Jim has mighty tough whiskers to contend with. I think the scrub will help to keep a man’s whiskers from folding in on themselves inside the pores, and should prevent a form of acne that only men get that is caused by the facial hair getting caught inside the pores. This will happen just as I said by keeping the hair (whiskers) from folding in on themselves and thus will prevent those nasty bumps that guys sometimes get and that sometimes get inflammed.

  9. Hey nice replies there ppl,solomio maybe bcoz were missing the “fur” that we have acne,anyone noticed that acne breaks out in places where hair should be? i know since my sideburns started growing regularly i havent got any new zits there.It keeps you wondering 😐

  10. actually, on days when I’ve been on vacation, and not taken a shower or washed my face, my face would get oily, and I invariably get new spots these days.

  11. solomio, your routine sounds a little bit like mine. I use Neutrogena’s deep clean scrub wash. It’s the first scrub wash I’ve been happy with. It’s gentle enough, but exfoliates enough at the same time (hard to find); and it has salicylic acid. I follow with moisturizer. I’m currently trying Neutrogena’s skin clearing moisturizer (salicylic acid and retinol). I’ve been thinking about making another derm appt. How’s the retin A working. My active acne is under control most of the time, but my cheeks are almost always uneven looking with large pores. (Mineral makeup tends to accentuate this when I use enough to cover old red marks).

  12. It’s not all bad Jim; you have the same skin type as Solomio! Stick with her and you’ll be clear very soon.

    I’m trying. I started on her vitamin diet (34 pills a day, lol) and just got Retin-A. Also will probably try the cleanser/mousturizers she uses. I’ve been on B-5 for about 4-5 days so I am real anxious to see what it does for my skin. Also started taking a lot zinc, 125 mg per day (that’s not too much is it? 50mg in the morning, 25mg after lunch, 50 mg at night). Also a question for Solomio, what’s the difference between ‘Zinc Picolinate’ and ‘Zinc Gluconate’?

  13. 😀 Ritzvin,
    Retin A has worked out better than I expected because I did not know my pores would get smaller. This is a nice bonus!

    Thank you for the info on Neutrogena’s products.

    I am going to try your scrub just to see how it goes for me. I know the scrub I am using right now is the center of my success because the scrub removes any dry skin I get from using Retin A. The scrub also gets my skin ready to accept more of the moisturizer in the morning.


  14. 🙂 Jim,
    Picolinate, glyconate, orontate, citrate, sulfate, and oxide are all names for the different chemical methods that are used to extract minerals that we take as supplements. There is Zinc Picolinate, and Zinc Glyconate, and Zinc Orontate, and well you get the idea. The same follows for calcium: there is calcium glyconate, calcium orontate, calcium citrate and it goes on etc….

    Sometimes different people will find that one form is better for them than another form of the same mineral. This is probably because while we are all the same we are all different, at the same time, in many ways.

    That sounds like a lot of zinc you are taking right now. How are you feeling? Be sure to let us know how you are doing, especially on that amount of zinc.

    Sometimes I will skip a day just to prevent an overload of supplements in my system. Also, some days I will take my supplements only 1 time probably because sometimes I just get a bit lazy. But most of the time I try to take all of the supplements I outlined. Actually I feel a whole lot better when I stick to my routine.


  15. The reason I take 125mg zinc, is because the old zinc pills I took were 100mg tablets. So with the Zinc Picolinate which are 25mg tablets, I figured 125mg couldnt hurt if they commercially offer and recommend 100mg a day.

    When I used to take the 100mg pills in the morning, I would get sick. Probably because I sometimes took them on an empty stomach. With these 25 mg pills, I feel fine. Of course I split them up throughout the day (50mg in the morning, 25mg after lunch, 50mg at night).

    So far on my vitamin routine, I feel perfectly fine. I thought maybe I would get sick from everything, but not so far. I’ve even taking all the pills on an empty stomach with no problems. As for my skin progress, well it’s too early to tell, but I recently went off of antibiotics, and I broke out beyond belief. I started taking the vitamins during this breakout, and yesterday was the first day, my skin actually settled down. Whether it’s from the vitamins, is hard to say. Hopefully It’ll say settled and start clearing up. I also got Retin-A, so I will begin with that tonight.

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