Are we making our acne worse?

I dont remember seeing a lot of people with acne years ago. I dont know if this is because i wasn’t looking or because there really has been an increase of acne. Now i see tons of people with acne of varying severity. I think it’s actually being caused by all the acne products out there. I’ve spoken to my gran and my mom and they both had a bit of acne in their teens, they did absolutely nothing about it because there really wasn’t anything for it in those days, and it just went away after a while. They both have lovely skin now, no scars, nothing. Ok, i know there are very serious cases of acne for some which obviously have to be treated with antibiotics or whatever, but i believe that the acne most of us get as teenagers would just disappear on its own if we had only left it alone. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is there a conspiracy to produce acne products that actually worsen our condition?

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26 thoughts on “Are we making our acne worse?

  1. What i do know is that once i stopped using products specifically formulated for acne it got better. I was using SA and AHA lotions and because of their exfoliating properties they were constantly bringing out all the junk to the surface. It was a never ending battle. I mean maybe everyone has a never ending source of junk deep inside their skins. Once i started just washing with a face wash for normal skin and using a moisturiser for normal skin my breakouts stopped. I’m healing the red marks now by just moisturing, i dont care if it takes a long time, i wont ever use anything for acne on my face again.

  2. i cant see whats the point hiding the “junk” under our skin,we cant say our acne is cured bcoz its not visible.

  3. i agree with nadia. ALmost all my cousins and my own brother had acne in their teens but i was the only one who got panicked and put lot of stuff on my face. The result: i am the only one left with scars and still has occasional breakouts while they all have smooth skin now….so i think if we leave the acne without doing anything when they first came(just take vitamin tablets and eat healthy food and wash your face with normal soap), it will go away.

  4. thats what i’ve been doing for almost 2 years now but its still there.I guess i will have to stand it a bit longer cause im only 16.

  5. My point is that i think that if you got someone with clear skin to use a Salicylic lotion say for 2 weeks, i bet you they will breakout. Why? Because it’s exfoliating your skin pretty aggresively and “forcing” impurities to the surface. You may say that that’s what an acne sufferer requires…. but i disagree, i actually think our skin probably has loads of junk hidden deep down and any kind of constant exfoliation will eventually bring it to the surface. I am convinced if i had left my skin alone i would have just had your typical mild teenage acne which would have disappeared of its own accord.

    You get a whitehead, that’s an impurity which will sooner or later become a pimple, if you use an SA lotion it will surface almost immediately and probably force out a few more, but would these have appeared anyway? i don’t think so. And why is it that the more products there are out there for acne the more people suffer from it and for much longer? it’s no longer exclusively a teenage thing like it used to be. Talk to your grandmothers, acne was pretty much restricted to a year or two during your teens back then. Adult acne was almost unheard of and i have the feeling it must have been of the severe type of acne which is a disease which i don’t think is treatable, whereas your typical teenage acne is common to almost every teen and doesn’t need to be treated, it needs to be left alone because it’s the result of growth and hormones etc.

  6. then i suppose well just have to pull everything out until there is no more j/k 😛 no idea

  7. I think you could definitely have a good point in what your saying but maybe your point is a little over simplified. Its all about establishing cause and effect and what even constitutes as ‘acne’.

    True most people will experience some skin imperfections during adolescence but this is not actually ‘acne’. I don’t believe that the development of acne is caused by a persons initial reaction to the problem coz the causes of acne are far more complicated. In my opinion if you are going to develop acne you have little or no control over this fact. Similarly some people could apply every product known to man and they would STILL not develop acne coz they simply dont have the genes or susceptability etc.

    Yes im sure many people will unintentionally aggrevate their skin and possibly cause breakouts but i would bet my life on the fact that acne sufferers are actually the most gentle on their skin. I make every attempt to not even touch my face and only apply the most mild of products whilst my acne free friends attack one minor blemish with something close to hydrochloric acid…and they dont break out. 😡 (not that im bitter!)

  8. lol maybe thats our mistake,we are taking too much care of our skin.Maybe skin need a bit of “training” in harsh conditions

  9. I don’t really agree that acne sufferers are kinder to their skins. I think an experienced sufferer is, but when the problem starts i know spent at least a year doing some pretty nasty stuff to my skin. I think the problem is that when we get our first breakouts we panic and see it as a disease, when really it’s just the result of our developement, it’s part of the process for most of us. Some people are lucky and never get a singly spot in their lives and i also wonder why this is. Personally i don’t believe acne is diet related (though i’m sure a healthy diet can help), it has to be more to do with your skin type and your genetic makeup. Look at scandinavians for example, they have beautiful skin, no visible pores and usually tending towards dry, but i don’t think they get to eat too many fruit and vegs. The darker your skin is the more likely it’s gonna be oily, because darker skins are thicker. Blondes or fair people tend to have much better skin, though because it’s usally a dry skin type it doesn’t age as well as a darker skin type. I don’t know if this is due to the actual skin type or maybe it’s because of the climatic conditions. Fair people develope in areas where there is little sun, sun makes your skin thicker, oilier and therefore more prone to acne. Then you get the mixed type, like me. My mother is Spanish, Dad Russian. My mother was the one with acne, she has the dark, oilier skin, my Dad is very fair skinned. I’ve got fair skin, but with what i see as an unusual texture for fair skin, not oily but not poreless either. Anyway, i’m rambling. I would still say that for any teenager who’s getting acne to just leave it alone.

  10. My main theories about MY acne until now…

    1)My acne shows up on locations where hair should have already grown but it hasnt (this is due to evolution of human kind).Im pretty convinced that this is a very possible cause because of a)I found zits in the interior of my nose (1 or 2),and 3 days later new hair grew there and => no zits
    b)b4 my sideburns started to grow in a higher degree i had acne there too but no more
    c)humans generate most of their hair at teenage years so..woila the teenage acne caused by hair trying to grow.The only bad thing about this is that i dont know how to deal with it,i cant wait until my hair naturally grows all over my body.

    Theory number 2

    My acne is related to the simple fact that my skin has no contact with sun or fresh air.If anyone here is a farmer of lives somewhere at the countryside (or atleast at ouskirts of cities or in small cities) i want him to reply so i drop this theory.

    3)Acne is caused by the fact that we wash our faces with soap or anything (the moment human was not intended to do so),and alot of people that own dogs in my neighborhood advised me (because i too own a dog) that i dont bathe him too often because it causes rashes on his skin.

    Theory 3 i believe is closely related to theory 2.

  11. Yeah, thats pretty common for guys acne where their beard is growing. ONce your beard is fully grown you should be alright. How come you never get any fresh air and sun, you live in Cyprus!

  12. in the heart of the capital though..if i get out of the house ill get a sunburn in less than 2 minutes.

  13. Ah you poor thing. Know what you mean. I’m in Spain, boiling hot here too, not as bad as Cyprus though i dont think. Can only go out either early morning or after 8pm when the sun isn’t so hot anymore. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!!

  14. its just like a civilized sahara ;).Beach is cooool though and the whole nightlife..but the day…

  15. Wow. That is really cool. Isn’t Cyprus near Greece and Turkey? I live in the States, and have never been anywhere else except Canada (which doesnt really count).

  16. yeah wally,in the sea between turky and egypt but a bit on the west side of it

  17. That’s funny, because I oftentimes feel just the opposite, like I’m one of the only people around I see (especially amongst adults) who still has active acne. I do believe that drugs like antibiotics, birth control pills and steroids can actually cause a backlash because they can weaken one’s own immune system. Many things that can help in the short run seem to actually cause more and worse acne in the long run. Also, there are hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides in our food supply more now and produce contains less minerals and vitamins due to the use of pesticides and soil that’s depleted, etc. I think that overly drying out and irritating the skin can weaken the skin also and cause more acne in the long run. Some people do well on the “do nothing” regimen, but I wouldn’t want to do that because I wear make-up and also because I’m afraid my acne would just go on a rampage. I’m comfortable with the treatments and products I’m having now (except for the high cost), because my skin is not overly dried out or irritated or peeling and I’m not taking any drugs internally.

  18. My family have just got back from their yearly holiday to Cyprus and had a lovely time.I haven’t been for years;i think i might go with them next year.I think it’s lovely there 🙂

  19. yearly? thats the kind of vacation i would like to have 😉

    If you come down here inform me,maybe we could meet :roll

  20. well greek,yugoslavian (i am half yugoslavian) and english! They are trying to teach us french in school but i just dont seem to understand any of it 🙁

  21. back on subject for a second, i have noticed that whenever i stop using my normal acne regimen (be it because i can’t, or i decide not to) i notice that within about the next 1-2 days i stop getting new pimples. i honestly do think that these products i’m using are irritating my skin or otherwise causing new acne to form all of the time. i really do believe this, based on personal experience.

    like others, i sometimes think.. i’m 22 years old, i should have outgrown my acne by now.. but i still get it. but then again, i’ve never gone an extended period of time (more than a week or two) without using something on my skin. i often wonder if it’s these products themselves that are the reason for my breakouts.

    so i decided this. i quit using all of my acne products like benzoyl peroxide and AHA and all of this stuff. the only thing i am doing is washing with water when i wake up, and then washing with neutrogena bar facial soap (the orange colored clear one) before i go to bed. it has no acne medication, it’s simply facial soap. i’m about a week or a little more into it, and i have not had a new pimple since i stopped all the treatments (which is highly unusual for me). this is just backing up my theory further.

    see, i think that these acne products actually cause more acne to form in the majority of people, starting an endless cycle.. causing you to buy more acne products. then you never stop using them because you’re afraid of what your skin will be like without them. i swear it’s a conspiracy!

    so i’m sticking to this basic regimen of washing without products. i’m also starting on a good multivitamin and some zinc. i am confident that in several weeks my face will be completely clear. like i said, i’ve not had one new pimple since i stopped using these products. the only thing remaining is maybe 4-5 marks where old ones were before i stopped all the stuff.

    p.s. another thing.. i’ve always wondered is why my friends with perfect skin don’t use acne products. i’m always surprised when i find out they only wash with water or facial soap. this makes me even MORE suspicious about these acne medications! hmmmmm! what does everyone else think?

  22. everything in moderation should be ok,remember our skin was not made to be washed daily 😛

  23. I will tell you if i go with them next year 😀 You said you live in the city before;is the city Larnaca,Paphos,Nicosia?We’ve been so many times and i’m not even sure which is the capital! :lol

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