WATER! too much?

i drink about A Gallon and a half. or 2 Gallons of water a day. is that too much? somebody told me im gunna mess up my kidneys. but i think its working. can some one let me know,cause i dont want to drink all this water and its bad for you.

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10 thoughts on “WATER! too much?

  1. You can die from a water ‘overdose’, but you have to drink a hell of a lot of it. Basically, you feel sick [like you’re about to puke] and are sick [you do puke] before you die. However, the usual problem is because people drink so much water, it washes the salt out of their system and a depletion of salt occurs, which is pretty dangerous. So make sure you put a bit of salt on a meal a day and you’ll be fine. 🙂

  2. yeah… i heard about this guy who DIED from overdosin on water… but he’d drunk like 6 Gallons which is way too much!

  3. its always said in the papers that u should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day…. dont know how many gallons that is.

  4. 1 gallon is like 8 glasses. what if you drink 2 gallons a day?
    or 1 and a half.

  5. dont have a stroke dude, i wonder if this is the same Guest that was talkin smack earlier. tryin to gang up on me? if this is, i hope you drink 6 gallons a day.

  6. 1-2 Gallons is probably fine, especially if you are active. Plus its summer here in the States, so drinking extra water shouldn’t hurt anything.

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