My story – pls help

ive been suffering with acne for about 3 years now but only in the last two years have it played such a big part in my life. i first went to the docs in october 2001 and he gave me tetra something which i was on for 6 months then he puts me on erythromycin for 3 months. They didnt work so i was put on retin a lotion while i waited for a derm appointment. The retin a worked ok and cleared out alot of stuff from my skin. Then the derm put me on differin gel 0.1 a bha cleanser and dalacin t antibiotic solution. After using that combination for way too long i ditched the dalacin and just used the diff and cleanser and added olive oil to my regimen for blackheads (this really helped i think). But my skin would be so unbareably dry however i knew differin was helping because i didnt get any whiteheads but got clogged pores and blackheads. So i thought maybe thats cos my skin was so dry and that it was producing more oil so then i tried dans regimen which was a disaster. Oxy on the spot is soooo greasy. After that i did nothing i used my cleanser and just spot treated with BP and although my skin appeared better lookin my pores started to clog etc and was breaking out on the chin where i never used to get outbreaks. That was about 2 weeks ago so now i am back on differin which is getting crap out my pores again that has accumilated while i was on BP and doing nothing and will continue with it until i find somethin else to use? Do any of you guys have any suggestions? SHould i go and get retin A in a gel form seeing as the lotion was about the best thing ive used?

What i have used so far – quinoderm, tetracycline, erythrmocin, clearisil pads, clearasil complete, oxy face wash, oxy on the spot, retin a lotion, acnisal, differin, dalacin t.

Type of acne – main problem is blackheads and clogged pores, occasional whitehead plus im a compulsive picker which makes things a million times worse.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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7 thoughts on “My story – pls help

  1. Welcome aboard snowman :wave You know there is cleansor olive oil based that should be good for you, its in the Product Ratings section here is the link. Its the deep cleansing oil from DHC

    and if retin A worked i think you should go back to it again. Why did your derm them put you on diferin if the retinA was working fine? well differin is like retinA anyways…

    I would add some supplements, like digestive enzymes and zinc (50mgs). If this dont work then you might as well try B5 therapy. Keep us posted!

  2. About the olive oil Mari. Do you think it will do me any good to use it after accutane to keep the blackheads from coming back on my nose?

  3. Welcome! I agree with Mari. I think that you should go back to what worked for you, in your case the Retin A. Maybe supplement with some B5 or Zinc and see what that does. Are you going back to the derm to get more Retin A, or do you already have some?

  4. @alycia

    Dont worry girl, after accutane, blackheads wont come back I assure you. Accutane closed my pores for good. 🙂

  5. Mari –
    Actually, it’s kinda weird, but my blackheads were the only things that didn’t go away on Accutane. I had to go on Retin-A Micro to get them to come out.

  6. Mari thats great that your blackheads haven’t returned. But my experience was similiar to hannah’s- my blackheads left while on Accutane, but as soon as I went off it they clogged right back up again and my pores are very large again. :oops

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