anyone tried neostrata aha products?

im thinking of switching (again!) from md formulations cleanser to the neostrata range of glycolic acid products. i have been told that the neostrata products are much less drying, so i wont be as scaly as a fish, but i will still get the benefits of aha’s.
have you guys tried these products?

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6 thoughts on “anyone tried neostrata aha products?

  1. Hi Kristi–

    I’ve never used the Neostrata products so I can’t comment on them, but you should find out what the glycolic percentage is of the Neostrata products and compare that to what you’re currently using. If it’s stronger you will probably peel.

    I’m currently using MD Forte and I’m going through the scaly skin BIG TIME!! And suncreen topped with makeup on top of the scaly skin looks so gross!! I’ve been trying to cut down to using it every other night only until my skin adjusts. I got carried away at first and used it morning and night for a few days and boy am I paying for it!! :oops <–my face is red like this!! So I’m backing off the usage until my skin adjusts.

    And keep in mind that this is the LOWEST (10%) glycolic percentage for MD Forte products. I was thinking of jumping straight to the second stage (they have three strengths) and now I’m SOOOO glad I didn’t!!

    Let me know if the Neostrata works for you……..good luck.

  2. hey tracey! welcome! 🙂
    thanks for the info! the md i am using is 15%, and the neostrata is only about 8% so thats a pretty big difference. i know it will still technically be as strong though in the long term, because its a product you actually leave on the skin, whereas im just washing the aha off when i use it in a cleanser.
    the scaling is starting to settle down now actually. i did the same as you did, and started using it morning and night right away! i should have learned my lesson by now! :oops now im just using it once a day, and using a very gentle fragrance free cleanser at night. i think i was drying my skin out even more with an icky cleanser i was using at night.
    anyway, gosh, my grammar is very poor today, so forgive me for that 🙂 i am getting the neostrata products hopefully today, so ill let you know how it goes!
    p.s. are you using the glycare, or the cleanser 1?

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome. I am using the cleanser I. My poor cheeks feel so raw today. :cry I’m using it at night now and a non soap cleanser (Aderma) for dry, upset skin in the morning. Hopefully it will clear up soon. I’m not gonna use it tonight…..I think I may even skip my weekly at home glycolic acid peel tomorrow night……wait a few more days for my skin to relax a bit. It’s mad at me right now! :lol It’s so embarrassing to be at work and have my face looking like it’s shedding all day long!! Oh, the price we pay in the quest for clear skin!!

    I’d love to hear how the new stuff works for you. Take care.


  4. okay well, i hate that neostrata stuff! too bad i paid $140 for it!!!!!!!! i am fuming! 😡 i really am mad at myself. i should have known better than to spend that much on something i havent even heard that much about.
    it was just so greasy and grimy and oily and it felt like my face was dripping all over me. it was just awful.
    so now i am back to my faithful md! i am just going to take it easy and use it once daily at night for 2 weeks before getting over-excited and using it twice a day right off the bat.
    so now i am just using a gentle cleanser (because the glycare was very drying) and i am using it with the glycare 1 lotion at night. things that have been in my face for months are finally starting to lift, and although it looks bad now, i know in another month it will have been worth it. i just hope this continues!
    but hey, never again with neostrata! i should have known better since derms recommend it!!!!!! 😡 you know how i feel about derms 🙂 hehe

  5. Yeah, Kristi….I would look into the company’s refund policy if I were you. Screw paying $140 for something that just doesn’t work for your skin!! Good luck to you……….


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