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who takes vitamins, specifically after accutane. i was thinking of taking a mutlivitamin after accutane to help my body out and hopefully keep my acne at bay. any recommendations to what i should do after treatment. im gonna keep using cetaphil gentle cleanser and eat very healthy rather than b4 since starting treatment.

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  1. Zitbegone,
    I took Vits E, C, B6, B12 and Folic Acid all throughout my Accutane course, (finished about 7weeks ago now), and still continue to take them now. (Bear in mind thoiugh, I take B6, B12 and Folic Acid for a blood condition, not as chosen supplements).
    I think you should supplement with some vitamins; in fact I think we all should as we’re often missing out on nutrients because of our ‘on the move’ western convenience diets.
    The one thing that is always advised after Accutane though is to avoid taking Vitamin A for a while. We’ve overdosed on the stuff and our livers are holding plenty! You probably get a suprising amount of Vitamin A in your foods each day anyway, and that, coupled with what’s in our Liver, is more than enough to be going on with for now.
    Wait at least 4mths before taking multivits that contain Vitamin A.
    Mari/Solomio…..can you guys add any more info to help Zitbegone?

  2. Emma

    This is a question for you. Did you start taking Vitamin E before or during Accutane? The reason I ask this is that I took Accutane and did not take anything during it to help with the dryness internally, a mistake on my part. Do you think that the Vitamin E made any difference in lessening the drying effects of Accutane?


    There are a lot of vitamins out there that can help you. A lot of people like B5 and zinc. Some other options are Vitamin C, a multivitamin (seems like you like this idea), Vitamin A (although like Emma said, you need to wait a while before taking anymore), Fish Oils, and many other one. It takes a little bit of research and trial and error to find out which ones really help you!

  3. Wally,
    I started taking Vitamin E about 4 weeks into treatment, and it made a difference within a couple of days. I think it definitely helped me. Throughout Accutane, my skin was never excessively dry; at least nothing that couldn’t be sorted out with a decent moisturiser! I’ve heard some people talk about needing to moisturise throughout the day while they were on it, but once in the morning and once at night was fine for me. Also, my lips weren’t very dry either – Blistex kept that under control easily.
    I definitely recommend taking Vitamin E while on Accutane. When I see new users of the drug on this board, I always recommend it to them.
    Did you have some real problems on the drug then? I assume it didn’t work as you’d hoped, as I’ve seen you and Maya talking about the B5 therapy?

  4. Thats interesting. When I was Accutane, I had to put aquahpor or some sort of lip stuff on every couple of hours. My race was raw, it peeled like crazy!!! I have very, very, very stubborn acne. I went through with it and it was an experience. For about 3 weeks after it I only had 1 spot, although it was a large one, it was only one with no oil, no blackheads. After that, my skin slowly returned to normal, and now I am back to having it pretty much full blown. I wouldn’t say my acne is really that severe, just very stubborn, I always have blackheads and spots.

    My derm had hinted that she wanted me to go on it again, but I don’t know. If I do though I will make sure and down some Vitamin E.

  5. I’m not pleased with my results either Wally. Things started to normalise about 4 weeks after stopping treatment.
    My skin is very oily right now; more oily than it was before I believe…I’ve noticed some odd blackheads reappearing, and I still get new spots! Also, the drug didn’t do a great deal for my back or chest acne, though I’m starting to get that sorted with Epsom Salt scrubs and baths.
    I’m not satisfied with the Accutane results at all…but at least I’ve given it a try.
    I don’t think I’d try it again, though looking back I do feel I perhaps should have been on a higher/longer dose. I feel I withstood the drug very well – perhaps too well.
    Still, you can’t be too careful with such a toxic drug, can you?
    How long since you took Accutane?

  6. Its been a year since I’ve been off it. The biggest benefit is that most of my spots seem to be smaller, but that could also be due to the vitamins I’m taking. I think Accutane works really good for most people, but some people just have really stubborn acne. I bore the side effects so so, at the time it really sucked. My face was very dry and flakey, especially when I was on my higher doses. I think I would probably do it again, it was nice even for those three weeks to not have to worry so much. I don’t know if I will do it, but I have nothing against it. I have heard that they are trying to come out with newer adaptions of Accutane, I think it is almost 20 years old. So maybe in the future there will be better and more effective “cures”!!!

  7. Yeah, I dont get Cysts anymore, which, let’s face it, tend to be the ones that cause the scarring. Soooo, if they don’t come back, then I’ll be happy enough.

  8. Yeah, I dont get Cysts anymore, which, let’s face it, tend to be the ones that cause the scarring. Soooo, if they don’t come back, then I’ll be happy enough.


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