Aleo Vera and Jojoba Oil

I’ve been using Jojoba oil for a couple of months now and im very pleased with how my skin is doing. No new breakouts for weeks and red marks are healing nicely and most importantly my skin now has an even, heathy appearance. Ok, so after making you sick reading how well my skin’s doing i have a question please 🙂 , before starting with the jojoba oil i was using Aleo Vera which was very good but a little bit too drying for my skin, anyway since using the Jojoba i’ve stopped the Aleo but a couple of nights ago i applied some Aleo gel, waited for it to dry and then applied jojoba oil…. So, my question is, is the jojoba oil penetrating into my skin properly if im applying it over the Aleo gel(once its dried on skin), or is the jojoba going to waste if i use it in this way? Thing is i can only apply any one treatment at night, i dont have time in the mornings to use either of the two as theyre both a bit messy and need some time to be absorbed into the skin. Hope someone can answer this for me, thanks. cheerio. 😀

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