Derma-E samples

I picked up some samples of Derma-E skin care items at a vitamin store today. I got the “Scar Gel” and also the “Microdermabrasion Scrub” samples. There was someone on an acne board who was really happy with their products. The manager at the store said he never gets returns on their products. They have a very large selection of products, including a line called “Clear Skin”. Anyone ever tried them?

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2 thoughts on “Derma-E samples

  1. I just tried the Derma-E microdermabrasion scrub sample, and it’s awfully scratchy. My face looks all ruddy and irritated now. Maybe in a day or two it’ll look better than before, but at the moment I think I made a mistake to try it. I shouldn’t have tried anything new like that since I just started on the mandelic acid 30% once a week. I think I just pushed my skin over the edge here.

  2. thats cool you got the samples, let me know how things go though. IM on a mean ass health streek, so im tryin to do everything i can for my self right now. i think i’ve heard of clear skin, i went to Vitamin World and they had some stuff over there for ACNE and i w as looking at it and one of my friends walked to the shelf i was at, and he was like what are u looking at. and i tossed that shit and walked away. i was like “nothing……..” hahaha
    you know its imbarrising to look at that stuff in front of your friends. or when your in a room with your friends and a Retin-A Micro comercial comes on. your just like “Fuk…”and get all nervous,wondering what everyone else is wondering. you want to change the chanel but you cant.

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