peels, can i buy them in a shop?

My freind told me that she went to the beatuay specilast for her acne and she said that she put these peels on her face and it cleared her acne.

now this specilist is set up in the back of my girlfreinds haridressing shop and there is no bloody way i am going in there 4 a face thing thats 2 bloody embarassing so what i am wondering is that can you buy these “peels” at the chemist shop????

thanks ppl!

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12 thoughts on “peels, can i buy them in a shop?

  1. I don’t think they are available from the shop. I buy my peels from

    The peels that they do – I expect they are glycolic or lactic acid ones. You need to start with 30% glycolic or 40% lactic and follow the instructions closely. Moisterise after and it is also worth buying something like copper peptides to help after the peels.

  2. scotch tape method can be done daily (I am now doing it twice a day!!!!!)

    If you go for glycolic/lactic peels – then weekly.

  3. If you just use the tape like once a day (one strip per spot) then its fine to do every other day or so… But if you peel of skin like 3 or 4 times in each spot.. you will only wana do it like once a week. Just make sure you skin dosnt get to red and just try and guess your limit 8)

  4. you said “is this scoth tape just ordanary sticky tape???? like clear plastick shit?”

    Yes it is.
    Get the 2″, clear packing tape to get the ultimate king of all sticky tapes.

    You will have to experiment yourself with this stuff because you might react differentily from another person. I do not have any problem with the 2″ heavy duty stuff. My skin is light red after using it but the red goes away in a minute or so. If you are broken out then be careful that it does not strip off the top layer of your skin over the pimples. That could be uncomfortable. If that happened you should put your favorite antibiotic ointment on the open sores to prevent any further infection. You just gotta do your own thing with this stuff.
    Good Luck! 😀

  5. thanks people you have been very helpful! i appreciate it heaps!

    good luk with the pimple stuff

  6. when should i do this tape thing??????

    like be4 i wash and put creams on…..

    or like after??????

    thanks again

  7. wash first
    then tape
    then wipe face with toner/water
    then put on any topicals you use like BP
    then moisterise/sunscreen 😀

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