Topical Lemon Juice Make Your Skin Shiny?

Whenever I put some lemon juice on, a little later my skin will be sticky (thats a given :D) and shiny. But I have tried to wipe it and it is not the same texture as my regular facial oil. Is this normal or is my skin not liking the lemon juice? Because of this I now only put the lemon juice on spots and redmarks, not my whole face like I used to.

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2 thoughts on “Topical Lemon Juice Make Your Skin Shiny?

  1. Wally is that lemon juice home made? I know lemon is good for cuts as it helps for the infections but I do think that might be harsh to face skin, unless very diluted perhaps. Internally is the way to go with lemon juice.

  2. Yah I drink some lemon juice internally, but I also use it topically. Its from the little bottle. It helps somewhat with the redmarks, that is why I use it.

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