what zinc do yall use?

where do you guys get your zinc supplements from? gnc or off the internet somewhere?

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  1. anon,
    The question should be what formula is best that can be absorbed in the gut, and do you the most good for the best price. The Aspartate form of any mineral is an excellent form. The Citrate form is also excellent. The one form that does not seem to be very good is the oxide form because it does not seem to be easily absorbed when taken orally. I have seen mineral supplements and vitamin supplements, on the shelf, that contain minerals in the oxide. Avoid these formulas, which contain the oxides. Carbonate is also not easily absorbed but there are usually other things added to some carbonate formulas that make the carbonate absorb.

    If you get familiar with the various forms of mineral formulas you will be able to buy any brand just by reading the label and comparing what you get for the price.

    Also, mineral formulas that are powdered and in gelatin caps are much better than formulas that are in the ‘hard form.’ The multi mineral I take is a powder in a gelatin cap. I do take magnesium citrate that is in the hard form but I know from experimentation that this particular one does dissolve easily. The additional zinc I take is in a ‘soft’ lozenge that is easily chewable.

    Nature’s Life Mega Mineral supplement contains 15mg zinc from Zinc Picolinate in a formulation that contains all of the necessary minerals you need as long as you are reasonably healthy. The Picolinate is a decent form of a mineral. I get my additional zinc from a lozenge that I picked up at Safeway, which is a grocery store. The zinc lozenges contain 15mg of Zinc Aspartate, which is an excellent form of a mineral, in a formula that also contains 5mg of B6 and 60mg of ascorbic acid, which is vit C, the form made in a lab. If you have acne you should be taking additional B6 and a lot of additional vit C.

    In order to absorb minerals you need to take some form of an acid. The Nature’s Life formula contains Betaine HCI and Gluamic HCI which are stomach acids, and make the formula absorb in your gut. The Safeway brand of lozenges contains vit c, which is ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is an excellent acid to help aid the digestion of minerals.

    Try to get a decent price for whatever brand you buy, and remember to eat when you take any multi-mineral formula, and especially if you take zinc by itself. Zinc by itself can make you vomit if you have not eaten anything.

  2. Maya,
    Optizinc is Zinc methionine and methionine is an essential amino acid. A form of methionine is being studied as a treatment for depression, osteoarthritis and LIVER disease.
    This is specific information on methionine, and the web site is a reliable site because it is a government web site.

    We already know that the liver is involved in acne because when the liver is overworked, and cannot filter the toxins out of the blood the result is skin disease and acne is a skin disease.

    Here is some more on methionine:

    METHIONINE (Essential Amino Acid)
    Is a principle supplier of sulfur which prevents disorders of the hair, skin and nails; helps lower cholesterol levels by increasing the liver’s production of lecithin; reduces liver fat and protects the kidneys; a natural chelating agent for heavy metals; regulates the formation of ammonia and creates ammonia-free urine which reduces bladder irritation; influences hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

    This web site is acceptable because the information that is given on methionine is ‘general knowledge.’

    I am going to do some more research on Zinc methionine, and will get back in the future with the results. It certainly looks like Optizinc is a superior form of zinc because an essential amino acid is most certainly going to be utilized by the body.

  3. I had good luck with Zinc Picolinate, I used the one from GNC that has 2mg of copper along with it. The problem was it hard on my stomach but it did helped my skin.

  4. mari whats the best vitamins you think? i have B-75 comlex,b6,C,body fish oils. i think i want to get zinc or something, i want my skin to look MAXIMUM HEALTHY! what do you think i should do? i exercise alot and drink a lot of water. i drink atleast a gallon and a couple bottles a day. i want to look as healthy as possable. what do you suggest i do? like eat garlic or something? haha like any tips and i take Retin A micro and i went to the pool today and i put sunblock on but im not sure if i put enough. cause this one spot is kinda red, do you think it will go away? oh and i have Liquid vitamin E. and what do you think i should do about bumps on my arm? the come and spread a little, first it was just my right arm now my left. its mostly in the back of my arm and it looks kinda nasty. whats the best thing i can do to get rid of that? or all the things i can do .thanx mari i know you know what to do, or i trust in your answer. oh yeah and do you know how i put a picture in the thing? i tryed to upload one but it was too big or something. thanx mari

  5. Kenster,

    Also, make sure you take a B-complex with your Vitamin B-5. Zinc is good and they have a zinc made for acne also so it wont be so hard on the old stomach. Vitamin A is a must for taking zinc with and I would look into a good Muliti/mineral Vitamin as well one without iodine. I dont know about your system but mine cant tolerate iodine, it makes my condition worse..

    Let us know what your gonna take and tell us about your skin love.


  6. i want to get b-5,zinc,vitamin A. i thought B-complex had b-5.
    oh yeah and liquid Vitamin E really works. it makes your skin look great!! i got it from GNC.

  7. what does vitamin E do???

    and if i take zinc and B5 would i be doing myself any harm if i take multivitamins (a-e) too?? is it possible to take TOO MANY vitamins and stuff??

  8. Popcorn,
    The funny bit is that Puritan Pride is owned by NBTY who are the same people who own Vitamin World stores, and the brand by the same name. GNC in the UK is also owned by NBTY. GNC in the US seems to be an independent.

    You know they make up the vitamin formulas, and then put them in different bottles with different labels, and charge different prices.

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