Help is on the way!!!!

I have found lots of great info on this site so I though why not share something I have found. Please read this, it could change your life! I have found a great product that maybe some of you have used. It is a whitening product called Glabridin and is from Licorice extract. Last March I was moving into a new house and spend the whole day sweating in the sun while moving. Soon after I broke out pretty bad. After the acne went away from using different products I was left with lots of ugly red marks. Not holes or pits but marks. I hated to even go outside and was always shy in public. About a month before I was to go on spring break I still had these ugly marks after trying everything from Vitamin E to regular whitening creams with Hydroquinone. My cousin that lives in Asia told me about this product they have and even sent me a bar of whitening soap. It was the greatest thing I could ever imagine. I started using it 2 weeks before Spring Break and by the time my trip was here the marks were got to the point that I didn’t even use cover up on them. After a day in the sun they were not even noticable. Now after a month of using the soap I have no skin discoloration at all. It has changed my life. I later researched the stuff and found that on the scale of skin lightening, Hydroquinone has a 1.6 and the licorice extract has a thirty!!! That is over 15 times faster whitening than the stuff we get here in the states. I guess that is why Asians have such beautiful skin? I also found that to get the stuff here in the states it will cost between $60-$150 for this type of cream. It may be worth that cost compared to what some of us pay for treatments but I can get it from my cousin for about $20 including shipping when he ships it to me. If anyone would like some I could help you get it, just email me at [email protected] I am not here trying to sell any products or rip anyone off. Research it yourself to see how much the stuff costs. See how much shipping is from Asia! I get it from my cousin for $20 total after paying for the shipping. I am now able to enjoy the summmer, go to the beach and not worry about my acne. I would have paid $1,000’s for something that worked, whats $20??? Hope this helps.

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