Just a thought…

Hello moderator (Mari). This is just a thought, but can
you, or anyone else for that matter, start to moderate
any/all posts that contain obsene language?

This was/is a huge problem at the Absolute Acne board
and it would a shame to allow it to happen here. I for
one will not send anyone I talk/work with directly to a
board that seems to promote that attitude.

Even if someone is saying/writing it in the heat of the
excitement of some product or technique, it is still very
tasteless….and at the very least, immature.

What do you say?


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2 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. Yes acnecure as site administrator Im able to prevent spaming and obscene language in this board. I have worked very hard to create this exclusive board for all of you to like it so this board will be free of all that damage.

    Are you still doing the B5 powder? Still clear?

    Mari :wink

  2. I slowly tapered my B5 dosage, while modifying
    my diet, and now I am off of it. I only use an
    Isolutrol spray (for oil control) and an acne fight-
    ing topical gel to stay clear.

    As long as I do not go too crazy with cheating on
    my diet, then I stay clear. Of course, I am very
    weak when it comes to fighting off the cravings
    for certain foods, but most times I’m ok.


    P.S. BTW, I like the new forum. I almost started
    one myself with a few of the domains I own but
    if we can keep the forum active and “clean” then
    why add another one.

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