Anyone try B5 Cream of Bentonite Clay/Vinegar for Redmarks?

I made some of the B5 cream and today got some of the Bentonite clay

and mixed it with some cider vinegar. I put a little of each on, and it was

pretty good. My question is, are either of these good for red marks? And

does anyone know how the B5 cream works topically? My only guess is

that it somehow attacks the sebum and helps break it down?

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7 thoughts on “Anyone try B5 Cream of Bentonite Clay/Vinegar for Redmarks?

  1. Hey Wally – I have ocassionally used the benotite with vinegar mask – not with B5 though. The benotite seems to help with getting toxins out and the vinegar does help with marks.

    U still doing the vinegar every day?

  2. Yah, I have been keeping up with it. For the past couple of days though I have been going out in the sun, using the clay thing, putting the vinegar on, and using the lemon juice. I really want to dull my spots because I am meeting some old friends that I havent seen in a couple of years.

  3. so what if you used regular vinegar?? would that not do what apple cider vinager does??

  4. Apple cider vinegar is supposed to be better for your skin. I guess using other vinegars wont hurt, but here in the US, cider vinegar is only around $1, so its not too expensive to try.

  5. Is it really necessary to dilute the apple cider vinegar with water? Can you not just apply the vinegar itselt to your skin with a clean cloth or cotton?

  6. You could apply it neat, but some sensitive skinned people have had some burning sensations – so just dilute first and build up is better.

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